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NES Games on Switch Are Getting New “Rewind” Feature

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NES Games on Switch Are Getting New “Rewind” Feature

Nintendo has not only announced that Donkey Kong 3 and The Wrecking Crew will be added to the growing NES classic games library on July 17, but patrons to the Nintendo Online Service will also be able to rewind any NES game that they’re playing.

It’s a pretty hefty addition to the service as classic NES games can sometimes be considered too difficult, given that older games were intentionally made more difficult.

Now, if you’ve maybe grown weary of sending Link to an early grave one too many times, then you’ll finally be able to prevent that by turning back precious seconds in the game and sending Link to the past.

Rewind technology isn’t exactly groundbreaking as the SEGA Mega Drive Classics collection had the same function, meaning you could prevent Sonic from falling at the last hurdle to Metal Sonic, but it will obviously be a welcome addition nonetheless and doesn’t cost anything extra.

Nintendo Switch Online is $19.99 for a yearly membership and grants you access to all of the NES games that are part of the Switch library, special promotions that Nintendo runs, and, of course, online play for compatible games.

The Rewind feature will be added as an update on July 17.

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