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Fortnite Birthday Release Date 2019: Challenges, Start Date, Rewards

fortnite birthday release date

Fortnite Birthday Release Date 2019: Challenges, Start Date, Rewards

Following a recent update, a datamine revealed that Epic Games will once again be celebrating Fortnite’s birthday with an event. We know it’s going to bring a bunch of challenges and cosmetics, and it may bring something else with it, too. If you’re wondering when the festivities are likely to begin, here’s everything you need to know on Fortnite Birthday 2019’s release date.

Fortnite Birthday Release Date

Currently, Epic hasn’t officially announced a release date for the challenges, nor have they gone live in the game. However, if we assume the developer will follow the same pattern as last year, expect an official announcement of the Fortnite Birthday event coming later today, with a release date of July 23. That’s this coming Tuesday!

It’s likely the event will then run for two weeks, just as we saw last year, meaning the event would end on Tuesday, Aug. 6. That’ll give you plenty of time to blast through the Fortnite Birthday challenges, which grant a number of birthday-related cosmetics upon completing.

We’ll update this guide as soon as the official announcement comes with all the confirmed details, but I’m pretty confident that the dates above will be correct.

What Are the Fortnite Birthday Challenges?

The Birthday challenges are pretty straightforward for the most part. Just like last year, it seems as though giant birthday cakes will be dotted around the map for players to go and dance in front of.

There was also smaller bits of cake circled around the larger one which granted five health and five shield, so eating 10 of these will also help you complete that last challenge.

You’ll also have to play 10 matches and outlive 500 opponents, which, even if you play badly, you’ll probably get within the 10 matches.

All Fortnite Birthday Challenge Rewards

Each of the challenges grants players with a reward, and completing the full set will net them a special pickaxe. Here’s the full list:

  • Play Matches (10) – Frosted Wrap
  • Dance in Front of Different Birthday Cakes (10) – Birthday Beats Music
  • Outlast Opponents (500) – Birthday Spray
  • Gain Health or Shield from Birthday Cake (50) – Birthday Cupcake Emoji
  • Complete All Fortnite Birthday Challenges – Birthday Slice Pickaxe

That’s everything you need to know about when Fortnite Birthday Starts, how to complete its challenges and all rewards. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our ever-expanding Season 9 guide wiki.

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