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FFXIV Shadowbringers: Eden’s Gate Sepulture Boss Guide (E4)

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FFXIV Shadowbringers: Eden’s Gate Sepulture Boss Guide (E4)

FFXIV Shadowbringer’s fourth eight person raid fight, Eden’s Gate Sepulture Normal AKA E4, is here. In this guide we’ll run you through all of the important moves and phases you need to be aware of from the boss, the first and only enemy you’ll encounter and show you how to beat Eden’s Gate Sepulture as smoothly as possible.

Spoiler warning: We’re going to discuss the boss of this raid, don’t read on if you don’t want to be spoiled on it.

Eden’s Gate Sepulture Boss Guide (E4) for FFXIV Shadowbringer’s Eight Person Raid

The difficulty spikes up considerably in this final leg of Eden Gate series, so buckle down and get ready to deal with your repressed memories of Titan landslides in the worst way possible.

Initial Phase Important Attacks and Notes

Voice of the Land – Raid-wide AoE damage, nothing crazy but make sure everyone is topped off if you’re a healer.

Evil Earth – A series of squares will be targeted first, followed by another series that will cover the of the gridded arena. Put yourself near the border and first stand in the area that wasn’t targeted, and when Evil Earth attack goes off on the first set, quickly hop over to the new safe zone to avoid the explosion that’s going down in the area that was targeted second.

Weight of the Land – Half the squares in the arena will be targeted, don’t stand in them unless you want to get hit in the face with rocks and earth and stuff.

Stonecrusher (Tanks) – Tankbuster that will hit a small circle around the tank it’s targeting and will put a physical damage up debuff on the tank it hits. Tanks should swap after this. Melee DPS should be careful not to stand near the tank when this is going off lest they get hit and probably die.

Crumbling Down – Meteor-like AoE circles will appear on the grid, move to the area least effected by the markers. After this, two large rocks will appear, and one of them will start to glow. Run to the other one, and hide behind it facing Titan to avoid his next attack.

Seismic Wave – Massive AoE damage that will probably kill anyone except maybe the tank if you’re not hiding behind the correct boulder facing Titan.

Geocrush – One of the squares will have arrows pointing in all directions from it. Titan will jump to that square, knocking everyone back, get as close to that square as you can and make sure you have lots of ground behind you for when you get knocked back.

Eden’s Gate Sepulture Phase 2 – Titan Form Change

Titan will eventually switch forms and he’ll now have wheels for hands. Rad. This will change his move set quite a bit.

Massive Landslide – *Shudder* Right after Titan switches to this form he will begin casting this move. Stay in the center column of squares that Titan is looking at, and then after he casts it the first time, move outside of the center column squares to avoid the follow up. If you get hit, you’re going into the pit of shame and will need to be revived.

Bomb Boulders – Bombs are dropped onto the field and will blow up. You’ll need to take note which bombs dropped first and avoid those, while moving towards areas that have bombs that dropped more recently, and sticking closer to the safe zones around those until you’re able to get away from the boulders all together.

A DPS can eat one shot from a small boulder but anything more than that will get you killed. The bigger boulders have a bigger AoE so don’t get close to them unless you have to.

Phase 3 – Titan in a Go-Kart

Yes, so once you’ve DPSed Titan enough in the last form, he will eventually shout “I am unbreakable, I am unstoppable.” he will hop in his go-kart and try and run you over. He’ll succeed if you don’t know what you’re supposed to do here.

Fault Zone – Right after he turns into this new form, he will start casting this move. You want to be in the highlighted set of squares adjacent to the column of squares that Titan is facing. He will knock you back one row. If you’re standing on his column, or the far column from him, you’ll die

After that, quickly rush over to the column of squares he just finished running over as that will be safe now to avoid any further damage.

Phase 4 Magnitude and Rinse & Repeating

Titan for most of the remainder of the fight will rinse and repeat his moves. However, there will come a point where he will use multiple Fault Zones one after the other and then cast a spell called Magnitude 5.0 and after that he will have one more set of tricks to throw at you.

Magnitude 5.0 – This is a raid-wide AoE attack that will kill anyone not in the safe zone right besides Titan. Get there ASAP after the Fault Zones, sprint or use gap closers if you need to.

Landslide – Titan will target roughly 50% of the arena with an attack. Avoid it.

Rightward Landslide – This one works similarly Evil Earth minus the square being targeted. Titan will target one column of squares and then the rest. Wait for the first column to go off, then move to it to avoid the rest of the attack.

Titan will the begin to mix and match all of the moves he has learned so far. Recognize them, remember what you need to do, and focus on mechanics and survival above all else and you should be able to slowly DPS Titan down without falling off the arena.

Eden’s Gate Sepulture Guide – Wrapping Up & Loot

Titan overall is quite the step up in difficulty compared to everything you’ve seen so far. If there’s someone that knows what they are doing in terms of movement, and there’s a lot of people to teach, consider putting a marker on that person as for most of the raid, the group can safely move together and follow the people that know what they are doing unlike the fights before it which had lots of split-up AoEs.

Congrats on (hopefully) clearing part four of the Eden’s Gate raid Sepulture! Hopefully, this guide helped. Keep in mind loot is once per week for this fight, so loot wisely and visit this guide if you’re looking for options on where to exchange.

This time around you get a lot more loot, enough for everyone in the raid assuming everyone has different needs of course.

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