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FFXIV Shadowbringers: Eden’s Gate Resurrection Boss Guide (E1)

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FFXIV Shadowbringers: Eden’s Gate Resurrection Boss Guide (E1)

FFXIV Shadowbringer’s first eight person raid fight, Eden’s Gate Resurrection Normal AKA E1, is here. In this guide we’ll run you through all of the important moves and phases you need to be aware of from the boss, the first and only enemy you’ll encounter and show you how to beat Eden’s Gate Resurrection as smoothly as possible.

Spoiler warning: We’re going to discuss the boss of this raid, don’t read on if you don’t want to be spoiled on it.

Eden’s Gate Resurrection Boss Guide (E1) for FFXIV Shadowbringer’s Eight Person Raid

Phase 1 Important Attacks and Notes

Spear of Paradise (Tanks & Healers) – Standard tank buster that will hit both tanks. Pop those cooldowns and healers get ready to heal up quickly if needed.

Eden’s Gravity – Will hit everyone in the raid for fairly heavy damage. Healers just make sure no one is critically low while this is being used.

Vice and Virtue (DPS) – This will target each DPS with a marker that will look like the one from the Xande fight way back from ARR’s Crystal Tower, but it’s not that, don’t stack it up or you’ll die.

You want to put them away from the boss as they leave an AoE that will hurt people if they walk through it, but don’t put it too far away because after Eden Prime uses Vice and Virtue, it will often use the next attack which will require you to run back in towards the boss.

Eden’s Flare: This is a powerful room wide AoE that can only be avoided by gathering around the boss. Hustle over to Eden Prime right away because you won’t have a lot of time to react.

Vice and Virtue (Tank) – There’s another version of Vice and Virtue which follows the version that targets DPS.

This will place a marker on the tanks and hit them with a tank-busting attack that will hit the tanks. and anyone else in the way in a line. The tanks will want to split up, pop their cool downs but target the attack AWAY from the rest of the party.

Pure Light – This attack is signified by Eden Prime dashing over to one of the corners of the room. You must stop whatever you’re doing and get behind Eden Prime as the rest of the arena will be hit by a super-powerful attack that will wipe anyone besides a tank. Although tanks might be able to survive, they too should get behind the boss.

Delta Attack – Eden Prime will place a cross-like attack marker splitting the area into boxes and place damage markers on everyone. Move into the boxes but away from your party members to not stack the damage on top of each other.

Dimensional Shift – Eden Prime will do moderate raid-wide damage and change the battlefield kicking off phase 2 of the normal version of Eden’s Gate Resurrection.

Eden’s Gate Resurrection Phase 2: First Dimensional Shift

After the boss uses Dimensional Shift for the first time, the battlefield will change and orbs will cover the arena and consistently target members of the party all at once. This will be non-stop while this phase persists.

Paradise Lost – Eden Prime will summon more orbs that will also rain down AoE attacks on you consistently while the original larger set of orbs fires at you.

During these attacks, survival is more important than damage. There’s no particular rush to damage Eden Prime during this phase just take your time and dodge the attacks.

While this is going on the boss will dash back to one of the corners and prepare another Pure Light attack which is the same wipe-capable attack as before. You’re still going to need to dodge, so stay close to the boss in the corner of the room that it chose while you dodge the AoEs. When Pure Light is almost done, quickly get behind it again to not die.

You’ll have some time between when the attack goes off and the AoEs pause to make this move, just don’t be on the other end of the room and you should be fine. You have to time it out this way otherwise you’re going to stack AoE attacks on each other.

Once this happens, Phase 3 will begin.

Eden’s Gate Resurrection Phase 3: After First Dimensional Shift

The battlefield will return to how it was and Eden Prime will use Fragor Maximus which will kick off a DPS check phase. Meteor-like AoE circles will appear and the raid party will need to move to the least effected area signified by the circles.

After that, two Guardians of Paradise will appear and will need to be DPSed down ASAP. Try to take them down one at a time to reduce the amount of AoE damage you’ll have to absorb. They aren’t super strong but healers will obviously need to stay on top of it.

Once this is done, provided you DPSed the Guardians in-time, Eden Prime will use its super attack and you’ll survive. Kicking off the fourth and final phase.

Eden’s Gate Resurrection Phase 4: Back and Forth Between 1 & 2.

The final phase does not add anything new. Simply put, Eden Prime will go back and forth between the first and second phases using all of the same attacks. Just simply rinse and repeat until the boss is dead.

Wrapping Up & Loot

Congrats on (hopefully) clearing part one of the Eden’s Gate raid! Hopefully, this guide helped. Keep in mind loot is once per week for this fight, so loot wisely and visit this guide if you’re looking for options on where to exchange.

This time around you get a lot more loot, enough for everyone in the raid assuming everyone has different needs of course.

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