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Dragon Quest Builders 2: How to Grow Tomatoes

Dragon Quest Builders 2, How to Grow Tomatoes

Dragon Quest Builders 2: How to Grow Tomatoes

There’s a cornucopia of different crops to grow in Dragon Quest Builders 2, but you wouldn’t be blamed if you can’t quite grasp how to grow tomatoes. That’s why we’re here to help with a guide.

One of five crops players can obtain and learn how to grow while at Furrowfield, Tomatoes have some of the most specific growth conditions in the game.

Not only do they require the usual soil conditions to be planted, but they need additional structures and watering to stay healthy and continue to yield a good crop.

Keeping it all straight can be a struggle, so we’ve laid it out the full process for planting and growing tomatoes step by step below.

How to Grow Tomatoes in Dragon Quest Builders 2

When You Can Grow Tomatoes

For starters, tomatoes can only be grown after you’ve reached a certain point in the main story line of Furrowfield. You’ll know you’ve reached it when you’re sent to speak with an orc in the southern portion of the map, past the Bog area.

Once you arrive at this point, the orc will give you a rundown of the entire process, from planting seeds to maintaining and nurturing the sprouts.

Attempting to grow them before this point will be nigh impossible, as the plants require special equipment that can’t be built until you learn the crafting recipe for it from the orc.

How to Plant Tomatoes in Dragon Quest Builders 2

After you’ve spoken to the orc and gone through the planting tutorial, you’ll be able to plant some of your own.

Start by finding a suitable space for a field in your town with plenty of healthy earth. Build a Scarecrow at a crafting table, then plant it in the center of the space you’ve chosen.

After the Scarecrow is set, your townsfolk will till the land and prepare it for planting seeds.

Once they’ve tilled the entire field, plant however many tomato seeds you have in rows through the center of the field. Don’t let the rows touch the boundaries of the field; you’ll need those spaces for something else.

Next, place Planting Poles in the same squares that you placed any tomato seeds. This will ensure they can support their own weight once they start to mature instead of collapsing and spoiling.

The crafting recipe for Planting Poles is given to you during your run-through of how to plant tomatoes with the orc.

How to Keep Tomatoes Watered

Once all of the seeds and Planting poles are in place, you’ll need to create irrigation ditches on either side of the crop rows.

This is done by digging out the ground on both sides of the row of tomatoes so that the tomato row is one level higher than the ground beside it; then, once the ditches are dug, emptying water from the Bottomless Pot into the spaces.

This will keep the tomato plants watered, ensuring they make it to harvest without losing a crop.

That should cover everything you’d need to know about how to grow Tomatoes in Dragon Quest Builders 2. For more tips, tricks and info on a variety of subjects related to the game, check out our Dragon Quest Builders 2 guide wiki.

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