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Dr Mario World: How to Get & Use Power Ups

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Dr Mario World: How to Get & Use Power Ups

Dr Mario World, the new mobile title from Nintendo, is not out on iOS and Android devices and you can jump into the levels that are inspired by the original 90s game and modern match 3 puzzle games. While it may look pretty simple on the surface, there’s actually more to ridding the levels of viruses than there seems. So that you can get as many stars as possible, here’s everything you need to know about how to get and use power ups in Dr Mario World.

What Power Ups Do in Dr Mario World

During the game’s first area in its first world, you’re slowly introduced to the mechanics of the game and all the skills at your disposal. It’s not until stage 18 that you begin to learn about power ups.

At the stage of stage 18, you’re introduced to the Hammer that allow you to pick and destroy one brick square on the level. Then, before the next stage you get the chance to use the Capsule Blaster, which removes all the capsules from the stage. Then, finally, before level 20 you are introduced to Skill Filler, which instantly refills your doctor character’s skill meter.

How to get Them

You’re given one use of each skill in Dr Mario World for free when they’re first introduced, but you need to purchase them going forward. The Capsule Blaster costs two Diamonds each, the Hammer costs 10, and the Skill Filler costs 20, which is an extortionate price.

To get more, simply press on the little icon in the bottom right of the screen of the power up you want to use and it then lets you either purchase them with the Diamonds you have or take you to the Dr Mario World store where you can buy some. They’re pretty expensive, though, so I wouldn’t over use the power ups if possible.

Once you have bought any Diamonds you want to spend and have purchased the power ups with them, simply press the little icon again on the level’s screen to use it.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get and use power ups in Dr Mario World. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite. We’ve also listed some other helpful guides down below.

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