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Dota Underlords: Best Units Guide

dota underlords guide, best units

Dota Underlords: Best Units Guide

Dota Underlords is the new Auto Chess game from Valve. It has all of the Dota 2 heroes you know and love, but in an entirely new genre. When drafting heroes, it’s essential to remember that heroes of the same class get a bonus for being on the field together. Classes like assassin’s get a bonus to critical hit damage if you have three unique assassin heroes on the board. Even with an alliance bonus, some heroes outrank other heroes with their base stats alone, here are the best units in Dota Underlords.

Best Units to Use in Dota Underlords

These units are considered the best for the current patch and are subject to change as each new patch changes the properties of some of these heroes. These Dota Underlords heroes are currently dominating the meta.

Lich: Lich is a rare hero who won’t appear in the draft until you’ve leveled up in the match a few times. His frozen orb is an excellent way to keep your opponents at bay.

Gyrocopter: Gyrocopter is a difficult hero to deal with since it has a long attack range and can easily wipe a board clean with its missile barrage.

Tidehunter: Tidehunter is an expensive unit, costing five gold to purchase, but it’s damage output and stunning ability is the best crowd control currently in the game.

Pudge: Pudge has an incredibly large starting health pool, and his hooks is excellent for grabbing ranged units and pulling them into the battle, which negates any significant potential damage they can do.

Kunkka: Kunkka’s ability can summon a large ghostship that swarms the battlefield and can deal incredible amounts of damage per second.

So that’s everything you need to know about the best units in Dota Underlords. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out Twinfinite.

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