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Void Bastards: All Weapons List

Void Bastards, weapons

Void Bastards: All Weapons List

Void Bastards, the roguelike-ish shooter that’s inspired by Bioshock and System Shock 2, is proving to be very popular. As you lead each new survivor through the game’s many spaceships, you’ll come across a load of different weapons and ways to upgrade. So that you know what to expect, here is the full weapons list for Void Bastards.

All Weapons List in Void Bastards

While the list of basic weapons in Void Bastards is actually pretty simple, with just five individual firearms, each one has a set of upgrades that change it and its name.

You start off each life in Void Bastards with the Regulator, which is just a pistol but can be used throughout the game. However, you can craft the other weapons and their Hunter parts.

Everything after the Regulator requires a specific item to craft, and you’ll get them as you progress further through the game.

Since ammo can be quite difficult to come across, you might need to craft the other weapons when you can so that you’re left with something to defend yourself with. Here’s the full weapons list.

  • Regulator – First weapon you get. Basic pistol
    • Hefty Regulator – Increases damage by 33%
    • Swift Regulator – Increases damage by 50%
    • Legislat0r – Increases damage by 75%
    • Bullet Hunter
  • Stapler – Shotgun-like weapon that fires six staples with each shot
    • Senior Stapler – Two extra staples are fired
    • Head Stapler – Damage increased by 50% and spread reduced
    • Staple Hunter
  • Toaster – Laser type weapon that needs to be charged before firing
    • Roaster – Damage doubled, charges 25% faster
    • Toast Hunter
  • Riveter – Fires a hail of rivets
    • Riveter Pro – Damage doubled and kickback decreased
    • Rivet Hunter
  • Nebulator – Fires ball of explosive gas
    • Uberlator – Damage doubled and reload time halved
    • Nebula Hunter

That’s it for the full weapons list in Void Bastards. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite. We have also listed some of our other guides on the game down below.

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