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Sims 4 Island Living: How to Get Coconuts

sims 4 island living

Sims 4 Island Living: How to Get Coconuts

There are few things that remind us non-island dwellers of tropical life more than coconuts. It’s just the quintessential exotic island fruit. In Sims 4 Island Living, coconuts are of course a new item you’ll encounter. Here’s how to get coconuts in Sims 4 Island Living.

How to Get Coconuts and What They Are For in Sims 4 Island Living

Getting coconuts isn’t too difficult. The easiest way that we’ve found so far is to buy them from the beach supply vending machines on the island. They won’t break the bank at 13 simoleons, so this is a pretty easy way of getting coconuts in Sims 4 Island Living.

You also might be able to find them just wandering around and exploring Sulani. If you do, enjoy the free coconut.

Coconuts, like other food items, will restore hunger which might be useful to you while on the island. Also, with a coconut (which fun fact is also a seed in addition to being a fruit and a nut), you can also plant a tree. Sweet!

how to get coconuts

But most likely, the reason you’re here is that you’re looking for a coconut to complete one of the first tasks to complete the first part of the Beach Life lifetime aspiration, along with the Earn Gold on a Kava Party, and Get a Suntan.

So even if you don’t need one exactly in that moment, if you see the opportunity to get one, go ahead and do it and try to save yourself the trouble later.

That’s all you need to know for how to get coconuts in Sims 4 Island Living, and what they are used for. Have fun exploring Sulani and completing the latest Sims 4 expansion.

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