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PlayStation Opens Up Registration for Preview Program

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PlayStation Opens Up Registration for Preview Program

Sony Interactive Entertainment Director of Social Media Sid Shuman took to the PlayStation blog today to announce that they’d be opening up registration for their PS4 Preview Program.

Users can register here to participate in the Preview Program as a PS4 System Software Beta Tester. Once registered players are chosen, they will have early access to new features that will be coming to the PlayStation 4 console.

The new goodies coming to this beta test will mainly be focused around “Updated Party Features”. Among those are increased maximum party participants from 8 to 16, improved audio quality for voice chat, and improved network connectivity.

However, please note that if you do participate in the beta preview program, you will not be able to join the same Party or use Share Play with others who are not in the program. Though, if you do happen to be selected, your preview code can be redeemed up to twenty times to qualifying accounts. You may share your preview code to your friends so you can all try out the new party features together.

Once you participate in the Preview Program, Parties that you’re able to join will have an asterisk (*) in front of the Party name.

In addition, US players will have early access to the chat transcription feature that will be available through Party and the PS4 Second Screen app. Users may use this feature to convert Party voice chat audio to text on your Second Screen app, or also enter in text to be read aloud for your Party members. This feature will only be available for users in the United States, and only in English.

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