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Persona Q2: How to Fill & Use the Team Gauge

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Persona Q2: How to Fill & Use the Team Gauge

The Team Gauge in Persona Q2 is tied to some of the most useful skills in the game. Being able to heal your whole team or nullify enemy damage for one turn without the need to use any SP is so good. It’s not overpowered, though, since the moves are kept in check with the Team Gauge. Here’s how to fill and use the Team Gauge in Persona Q2.

How to Fill and Use the Team Gauge in Persona Q2

Filling the Gauge

The Team Gauge in Persona Q2 will fill as you fight. Any time that one of your party members inflicts damage on an enemy, you’ll get a little bit of meter. The stronger the attack, the faster the bar will fill up until it reaches maximum capacity.

There are five stars above the Team Gauge that correspond to the fullness of the meter. When it’s completely full, you’ll have five stars. This helps keep the powerful skills in check since you can just build up the gauge for boss battles. Also, the progress in this meter will carry over from one battle to the next.

Using Skills

Once you’ve filled the bar enough, then you’ll be able to unleash some truly powerful skills. However, none of these will do any damage to your enemies. Even though you won’t be taking a chunk out of the baddies, these support skills are welcome in a game like Persona Q2.

These skills are tied to the Main and Sub-Personas of your battle navi. This means that there’s a touch of customization when it comes to the Team Gauge. If you need a new skill, then just toss a Blank or Wild Card into a Sacrifice Fusion and you’ll be set with some top-notch support.

Each skill you use has a certain number of stars that it needs in order to be performed. Once you use one of the skills, then the stars will be consumed, and you’ll be able to build the meter back up again.

That’s everything there is to know about the Team Gauge in Persona Q2. If you were lost when you got to the part about cards, then check out this guide on How to Use Blank Cards and Wild Cards. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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