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Persona Q2: How to Use Blank Cards & Wild Cards

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Persona Q2: How to Use Blank Cards & Wild Cards

As you wander the labyrinths of Persona Q2 you may find a couple of card items that share a vague description. The Blank Card and Wild Card both are described as a card on which a Persona power can be stored. The idea makes sense, but the item description leaves much to be pondered. Here’s how to use Blank Cards and Wild Cards in Persona Q2.

How to Use Blank Cards and Wild Cards in Persona Q2

How They’re Used

Both items are used to carry over specific skills from one Persona to another. Each one has a set skill that can be inherited during a Sacrifice Fusion.

Sacrifice Fusions in Persona Q2 are performed by sacrificing one of your Personas to give another one a boost of experience points. This is where these cards come in. When you choose to do a Sacrifice Fusion, it’ll ask you if you also want to use a Blank Card or Wild Card in the fusion process.

What Blank Cards Do

This is where you finally get to use one of those Blank Cards. When you’re performing a Sacrifice Fusion and it asks for permission to carry over a specific skill using a Blank Card you can choose yes. This will let the recipient of the experience boost also inherit a set skill from the one that was sacrificed.

The skill that’s passed on is not chosen by the player and it’s not picked at random either. When you look at a Persona’s skills you may see one that has a purple background. This is the move that will be given to another if you sacrifice them.

The one catch with Blank Cards is that they only work to give new moves to Sub-Personas. The Mains get something a bit more special.

What Wild Cards Do

Persona Q2 has a strong focus on Sub-Personas, but this is where the Mains get some love. Wild Cards work essentially the same way as Blank Cards. The biggest difference is that they can be used to pass on new moves to Mains.

This is incredibly useful since many Persona games lock you into one skill set. This gives you more customization options while not making them completely overpowered.

That’s everything there is to know about Blank Cards and Wild Cards in Persona Q2. If you’ve already mastered all kinds of Personas, then check out our guide on How to Fill and Use the Team Gauge.

Be sure to search Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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