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How Long My Friend Pedro Takes to Beat

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How Long My Friend Pedro Takes to Beat

My Friend Pedro is very much on-brand for publisher Devolver Digital, a company that has an eye for exciting indie games… and ones with copious amounts of violence and lashings of tongue in cheek humor. Developed by DeadToast Entertainment, it’s a side-scrolling, twin-stick shooter that has you bullet-dodging like John Wick as you blast hordes of goons at the behest of a talking banana. Yeah, it’s a weird one. Anyway, here’s how long My Friend Pedro takes to beat, since you’re wondering.

How Long My Friend Pedro Takes to Beat

In My Friend Pedro, players will be shooting their way through 40 chaotic levels which take somewhere between 3-5 hours to beat.

In our review, we noted the following in regards to the game’s length and overall value:

“My Friend Pedro is short, only taking a few hours to complete on normal difficulty. There are two harder difficulties for players to try and master, which will give you bonus points towards your end score to place higher on the leaderboards.

In terms of replay value, there isn’t anything substantial outside of higher difficulty options. Going back through levels to try and get a higher score is all there is.

That being said, however, My Friend Pedro is an excellent pickup that justifies the price.”

There’s no word yet from the developer about any post-launch content, but we wouldn’t write off the possibility given how common it is to see DLC release for popular games. And by all accounts, My Friend Pedro is doing well on the sales front, with Devolver Digital celebrating the game’s release as one the publisher’s biggest on Nintendo Switch:

“My Friend Pedro is one of our best launches yet and our biggest launch to date on Nintendo Switch!,” the company said last week in Tweet.

That’s everything you should need to know about how long My Friend Pedro takes to beat. For more useful tips and guides on the game, be sure to search Twinfinite.

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