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Devil May Cry Pops Up on eShop, Release Date & File Size Revealed

Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry Pops Up on eShop, Release Date & File Size Revealed

A recent listing has popped up for Devil May Cry in both the European and Australian Switch eShop, giving us a release date and file size for the game.

The port of the Capcom action-adventure classic will be releasing next week on June 25 in America and Europe, and June 27 in Japan.

Also according to the game page, the title will weigh in at 9.2GB of storage space and cost $19.99 USD.

For language options, players have the choice of English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Chinese.

The original Devil May Cry stunned PS2 audiences back in the day for its reinvention of hack and slash gameplay, resulting in a truly transformative experience that essentially created a new genre, stylish character-action. Originally planned to be Resident Evil 4, the team working on the game, along with director Hideki Kamiya realized during development that this was something different and in turn made it into the gothic-action series we know and love today.

This influential game would go on to spawn many other sequels and titles with the lead character Dante becoming an extremely popular character known for his witty dialogue and carefree attitude.

If you happened to miss the original announcement for Devil May Cry on Switch, we got you covered. If you’re looking to keep it more modern you can always check out our review of the fantastic Devil May Cry 5, or if you need help feel free to check out our extensive guide for the game while you wait for the original.

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