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Cooking Simulator: How to Pour Oil

How to Pour Oil in Cooking Simulator

Cooking Simulator: How to Pour Oil

Like other first person simulation titles, Cooking Simulator has its fair share of specific inputs you’ll have to master to get through the game. This includes figuring out how to pour oil.

How to Pour Oil in Cooking Simulator

A necessary step for a variety of recipes, pouring oil is needed to baste sauce pans and other utensils used for searing or stir-frying foods. This mechanic is introduced early on in the second day of the game, and from then on pops up repeatedly.

Unfortunately, the input needed from players to actually pour oil isn’t as clear as it could be, so we’re here to walk you through the full process and get you well on your way to advancing further through the title.

The Correct Button Inputs

When you’re prompted to pour oil into a pan, you’ll first need to select and grab the oil from the ingredients shelf in the back corner of the Cooking Simulator kitchen. It’ll be in the bottles with the sunflowers on them.

After finding the bottles, place the targeting reticle one of them. Once you do, the reticle should change into a clenched hand. When it does, click the left mouse button to pick it up.

After picking up the bottle, head back to the pan and press E to open the bottle up. This will then allow you to position where you’ll start pouring the oil. Move the bottle over the center of the pan until a red circle appears in the middle.

Once you see the red circle, hold the left mouse button down and slide the mouse up or down slightly to adjust how much oil you pour out at once. The oil will flow out quickly, so be prepared.

And that’s all there is to knowing how to pour oil. The button input remains the same across all recipes, so you should get the hang of it after a few attempts.

Cooking Simulator is currently available on PC. For more on the game, check out our guide on how to clean your kitchen.

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