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3 Best Co-Op Multiplayer Games of May 2019


3 Best Co-Op Multiplayer Games of May 2019


best co-op multiplayer games of may 2019

You can’t really talk all that much about the best co-op multiplayer experiences to release in May 2019 without having Dauntless on the list, so we thought we’d start our list off with it.

Courtesy of the folks over at Epic Games and Phoenix Labs, Dauntless takes the hack-and-slash monster battling gameplay of Monster Hunter and distills it into a simpler, more accessible experience.

Dauntless sees players take on giant beasts known as Behemoths that are set to destroy the stunning Shattered Isles if they’re not defeated once and for all.

By defeating these creatures, players will obtain new crafting materials, allowing them to level up their gear and take on more powerful creatures as a result. They’ll also level up their Slayer Rank as they go, too.

Not only is Dauntless’ gameplay loop pretty great, but it’s also even better when you’re playing with others. Teaming up with friends, each playing as a different class allows you to all take on a distinct role within your party, and makes the spongey Behemoths that little bit more enjoyable to take on than if you’re playing solo.

Add in the fact that Dauntless is free-to-play and cross-play across PC, Xbox One, and PS4, and there’s no real reason why you wouldn’t download Dauntless to give it a go. Plus, it’s been insanely popular since its console release, so you might even make some friends to go hunting with along the way.

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