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6 Biggest Disappointments at E3 2019


6 Biggest Disappointments at E3 2019

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Delay

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Animal Crossing was the game that Nintendo fans were wanting to hear more about during the E3 Direct. How cute will it be? Will we get a long look at it in action? And when exactly in 2019 is it going to release?

While the answer to the first question was, of course, very cute, the answers to the other two were more disappointing. Not only did we only get a short trailer, but it was confirmed that New Horizons would not be launching until next year.

That leaves Pokemon Sword & Shield as the only big Switch exclusives for the fall. The new Fire Emblem title is due next month, but the end of 2019 is going to have to be held up by Pokemon.

It’s big enough that it shouldn’t matter, but it would have been nice to have Animal Crossing launch around the same time so that we could have something a bit different to Sword & Shield’s new, England inspired setting.

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