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30 Best FIFA Songs Every Fan Will Remember


30 Best FIFA Songs Every Fan Will Remember

Ever since the FIFA series began back in 1993, it has not only been the the premier soccer series but it has been a source of new music discovery for millions of fans. Here are our 30 best FIFA songs that you’ll definitely remember.

When naming the best FIFA songs, those that come to mind aren’t necessarily the best technically or the most popular in the traditional charts. Instead, they are the songs that are synonymous with the series or those with particular riffs or intros that any FIFA fan will instantly recognise. Let’s start with arguably the most obvious choice.

The Rockafeller Skank – Fatboy Slim (FIFA 99)

For many, The Rockafeller Skank is the song that is the most synonymous with FIFA, especially with the series being so popular back in the late 90s. Fatboy Slim’s song played over the opening credits that you’d see every time you started the game.

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