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3 Features FIFA 20 Volta Needs to Prove a Worthy ‘Street’ Successor

FIFA Volta, FIFA 20

3 Features FIFA 20 Volta Needs to Prove a Worthy ‘Street’ Successor

A Pro Clubs-Style Co-Op Mode

FIFA 20, Volta

The announcement of FIFA Volta in FIFA 20 is a pretty huge deal. For years now, fans have been asking and hoping that a new FIFA Street title would eventually be announced, and lo and behold EA Sports go ahead and just drop a full-fledged Street-style mode right into the next annual installment of the title.

While we already know that the game’s going to have a Kick-Off mode where you’re free to tweak the number of players per side, and whether or not you even have goalkeepers, there’s been little word on co-op modes.

In an interview with Eurogamer, however, it was revealed that you can “play Volta mode with more than one friend. You can do couch co-op with a pal who’s next to you in person…” when the game releases, but that’s about as far as co-op will go for the time being.

That being said, the EA spokesperson did mention that there’s a chance Volta “will evolve over time,” so there’s always the possibility we could get even more opportunities to play alongside more of our friends in a game of street soccer.

What that means exactly, we’re not entirely sure, and it’s a bit of a non-answer, but we’re still going to be optimistic for the sake of this post and pray that they’ll hear our cries and give the fans what they want.

We’re talking a Pro Clubs-style mode that sees you and your friends’ various avatars join a side and take on others in a game of street football. The 3v3, 4v4 and 5v5 modes of Volta would enable you to tailor your matchmaking to the number of friends you’ve got online, or if we just get a 5v5 mode, have AI players fill the gaps just as it is in Pro Clubs currently.

Again, this is definitely not going to be something we get at launch, and if we’re being realistic, it’s unlikely EA Sports will drop this in as part of an update. We stay optimistic though, after all, I don’t think many fans saw Volta being bundled into FIFA 20 at all.

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