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Which Nintendo Console Are You? Take This Quiz to Find Out


Which Nintendo Console Are You? Take This Quiz to Find Out

Consoles may be lifeless objects, but they’re a surprisingly lively bunch. Just like any of us they have may have siblings, parents, and personalities. These Nintendo consoles all have unique traits that clearly define who they are. It’s time to find which console best fits your personality if you’re ambitious, dependable, outgoing, or an old braggart.

In this quiz, you must answer a handful of deeply personal questions. They ask you about the most important things in life like who your favorite Pokemon is or which color you like most.

Your answers will be used to help determine which Nintendo console best aligns with your personality. Maybe you think you’re the old reliable Game & Watch, but you’re actually the majorly popular Switch –wouldn’t that be a shocker?

You may learn something new about yourself today. Take this quiz at your own risk and safe travels, friend.

Which Nintendo Console Are You?

Do you like being outside, or are you more of a homebody?
How many siblings do you have?
What's your favorite color?
Which one of these Pokemon do you like the most?
What is your favorite PlayStation design?
How long is your average gaming session?
Finish this saying: A bird in the hand is worth _________________.
Big brother is here! How would you like him to monitor your every move?
Which of these musical genres do you prefer?
Virtual Boy?
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