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Thea 2 The Shattering: How to Get God Points

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Thea 2 The Shattering: How to Get God Points

Thea 2 The Shattering blends a bunch of different gaming genres together and many of its mechanics will be recognizable to fans of 4x, card games, and rogue-likes. One such mechanic rewards players with currency to spend on modifiers and upgrades after the completion of a run. Here’s how to get God points in Thea 2 The Shattering.

How to Get God Points in Thea 2 The Shattering

As we mentioned earlier, God points are rewards calculated as a summation of your achievements during a single run of the game. You’ll be able to spend them on modifiers and secondary modifiers for your chosen Gods. You’ll even be able to use them to unlock new deities, too.

Every time you finish a game of Thea 2, hit escape and click ‘View Summary’ to view your earnings and then ‘End Game’ to receive your God points. It’s important you go through that process because simply starting a new game won’t register the points.

The number of points you’ll actually get, though, depends on a bunch of different factors, including difficulty setting, play time, progress made, turn total, the strongest member of the expedition, how many events you complete during a run, and so on and so forth.

Essentially, your performance in the game is multiplied by the tweaks you make to the meta before booting up a run. So if you’re not having much luck accumulating points then we would suggest trying to ramp up the difficulty and just seeing how long you can survive.

That is all the information we have about how to get God points in Thea 2 The Shattering. For more useful tips and guides on the game, be sure to search Twinfinite. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, fear not: we’ll have more coverage of the game moving forward.


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