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Team Sonic Racing Trophy Guide: How to Get All Trophies & Achievements

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Team Sonic Racing Trophy Guide: How to Get All Trophies & Achievements

Team Sonic Racing brings the blue blur and his friends together for a unique kart racing experience, one that puts a huge emphasis on working with your teammates during a race. Despite being a racer, there’s a surprisingly lengthy and time-consuming list of trophies and achievements. Luckily, we’ve got a handy trophy guide telling you how to get all trophies and achievements in Team Sonic Racing.

How to Get All Trophies & Achievements in Team Sonic Racing

Many of the trophies/achievements for Team Sonic Racing are simply, but a handful of them are super time consuming and will really require you to put time into the story-based Team Adventure Mode.

Below you’ll find a list for all trophies/achievements, with some tips on some of the more complex ones.

  • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work (Platinum) – Collect all trophies/achievements
  • You’re Fired (Bronze) – Cause an opponent to spin out using a Red Burst – Easy to get, just get the Red Burst power up during a match then drive in front of an opponent so they hit your trail.
  • Quick Off the Mark (Bronze) – Get a maximum start line boost – If you pull R2(RT) right as the number pops up at the start of a race, you’ll build a boost. Do this three times, with the right timing, to build maximum boost.
  • Let Me Introduce Myself (Bronze) – Finish an online race
  • The Taunting Tanuki (Bronze) – Complete Chapter 1 of Team Adventure Mode – Story related just beat the main path of races in the chapter.
  • Dimensional Rift (Bronze) – Complete Chapter 2 of Team Adventure Mode
  • Dark Arrival (Bronze) – Complete Chapter 3 of Team Adventure Mode.
  • Cheaters Never Win (Bronze) – Complete Chapter 4 of Team Adventure Mode.
  • Between Zavok and a Hard Place (Bronze) – Complete Chapter 5 of Team Adventure Mode.
  • Kidnapped! (Bronze) – Complete Chapter 6 of Team Adventure Mode.
  • The Final Showdown (Silver) – Complete Chapter 7 of Team Adventure Mode.
  • Roadside Assitance (Bronze) – Perform a skimboost on a slow-moving teammate – If your teammate has hit an obstacle or spun out, you can drive right by their side and give them a quick boost.
  • Twinkle Twinkle – (Bronze) – Earn every star in Chapter 1 of Team Adventure – All of the star trophies/achievements are going to be the toughest ones to get in Team Sonic Racing, as many of the stars require some serious skill and practice to get the proper scores. There aren’t really any specific tips we can give for these other than making sure to switch up your character type based on the mode, like Technique for Ring Challenge or Power for Eggspawn Assault.
  • Starry-Eyed (Bronze) – Earn every star in Chapter 2 of Team Adventure.
  • Reach For the Stars (Silver) – Earn every star in Chapter 3 of Team Adventure.
  • Starlight, Star Bright (Silver) – Earn every star in Chapter 4 of Team Adventure.
  • Star Power (Silver) – Earn every star in Chapter 5 of Team Adventure.
  • Celestial (Silver) – Earn every star in Chapter 6 of Team Adventure.
  • Supernova (Silver) – Earn every star in Chapter 7 of Team Adventure.
  • Can You Feel the Sunshine? (Gold) – Earn every star in Team Adventure Mode.
  • Cagophilist (Silver) – Collect all Team Adventure Mode keys. – At the top of the screen in each chapter you can see how many keys that chapter has. Then when looking at the description for a race, if it has a key, you’ll see it at the bottom with the requirements you need in order to get it. Each one has very specific requirements, so you’ll need to check each level that has a key.
  • Go Hard or Go Home (Silver) – Complete all possible events on hard in any Team Adventure Mode chapter – All the standard races in Team Adventure can be played on Normal, Hard, or Expert, although the unique modes like Ring Challenge don’t have difficulties. The best way to win races on hard is by going to Mod Pods and getting new car parts, then equipping them on the character that has the most. Any of the gold Legendary parts will increase your car’s performance significantly.
  • Well, That Wasn’t So Hard (Gold) – Complete all Team Adventure chapters on Hard – Same as above you’ll just have to complete all seven chapters.
  • A Friend in Speed is a Friend Indeed (Bronze) – Beat a friend’s leaderboard time in Time Trial mode on any track – This is easiest if you can coordinate with a friend and have them do a poor job on a time trial, making it easy for you to beat it.
  • Whoa! I’m Getting Dizzy (Bronze) – Perform a triple stunt – On any of the big jumps in the game, use the right stick to pull off tricks. Push forward and you can pull off three quick flips.
  • Wisp You Were Here (Bronze) – Advance six positions by using a single yellow drill – Yellow Drill wisps generally only appear when you’re in last or second-to-last position, so you’ll need to do that first. Then you need to move past six racers with one drill.
  • On the Skids (Bronze) – Stay in a single drift for over a minute – This is a tough one to get, as maintaining a drift for that long can be quite difficult. You can stay in the same drift and switch directions, however, just make sure to hold down L2(LT) and then alternate between left and right.
  • Ringmaster (Bronze) – Collect 20,000 rings – This will simply take a long time to do, as you need to collect 20,000 rings across all races and modes.
  • So Far So Jaded (Bronze) – Travel 200 meters over slow-down surfaces with a single use of a Jade Ghost – This one can also be tricky due to the fact you have to have a Jade Ghost to do it, which is a random power up. Generally the best way to do this is simply use the ghost then stick to the side of the track and go across slow down surfaces. The Boo’s House track has a bunch of sand near the end that’s useful for this if you time it right.
  • A Prize Every Time (Bronze) – Spend 5,000 credits – Another one that’ll just take a while to get, just keep using your credits to get Mod Pods.
  • Cyan of the Times (Bronze) – Spin out two racers with the Cyan Laser – Again, getting the Cyan Laser is the hard part as it’s a random power up, but once you actually have it this is easy. Just aim the laser at other racers and after it hits them for a few seconds they’ll spin out.
  • Freezy Peasy (Bronze) – Finish Frozen Junkyard without hitting any hazards or respawning. – Just play through Frozen Junkyard super slowly and avoid everything, you can finish in last and still get this.
  • Performance Enhancing Mods (Bronze) – Unlock all Performance Mods (except Legendary Mods) – You’ll need a lot of credits but as long as you keep getting Mod Pods you’ll eventually unlock all performance mods for every character.
  • Speed Painter (Bronze) – Unlock all Vehicle Paint Kits – The same as above.
  • This Time It’s Personal (Bronze) – Modify a vehicle in the garage – Just select Garage from the main menu and either put on a Performance Mod or change its paint job.
  • Ad Ultimatum (Bronze) – Perform a Team Ultimate three times in one race – There are one-time use items you can get from Mod Pods that boost the rate your Ultimate meter charges, so equip one of those and then make sure to trade every single item you get to teammates to build your meter.
  • Slingshot Pro (Bronze) – Perform 100 Slingshots across all game modes – Slingshots happen when you drive in the yellow trail behind your teammate, so you’ll get this one eventually.
  • Fire the Catapult! (Bronze) – Perform 10 Team Slingshots in one race – This honestly isn’t hard to get, as you might simply get 10 Slinghots in a lot of races.
  • There Is No “I” In Team (Bronze) – Perform Team Item Transfer, Skimboost, Team Slingshot, and Team Ultimate in a single race.
  • What’s Mine Is Yours (Bronze) – Send an Item Box to a teammate 5 times in a single race – Pressing the circle (B) button will send an item box transfer to an ally.
  • Target Practice (Bronze) – Land a hit on enemy racers with each use of x3 Orange Rocket – The easiest way to do this is hang near the back and wait for racers to group together before you use the rocket.
  • Threat Neutralized (Bronze) – Use the White Boost to destroy a projectile – If a Rocket or Eagle is going to hit you, you can use White Boost right as it’s about to hit to destroy it.
  • Cutting Corners (Bronze) – Use White Boost to avoid being slowed down by terrain – Just keep your boost until you’re right in front of slow down terrain, then use it to dash over.
  • Violent Void (Bronze) – Use Violet Void to absorb a projectile and hit the racer who fire it – Honestly the easiest way to get this one is to simply play with someone else and be on different teams. If you can get a Violet Void have the other player fire a rocket or other projectile then absord it. Have the player get in front of you and hit them with the projectile.
  • Road Block (Bronze) – Block an incoming projectile with a Blue Cube – When you get the Blue Cube hit the button once to set it behind you and then just leave it there so it can block a projectile.
  • Thorn in Their Sides (Bronze) – Cause three opponents to spin-out by shunting them with a Pink Spikes active – Just drive up next to other players with Pink Spikes on and the spikes will automatically attack.
  • Sonic Heroes (Bronze) – Complete a Team Race with 2 additional local players on your team.
  • Villainy 101 – While playing as Eggman, spin out Sonic 3 times in the same race.
  • Artful Dodging (Bronze) – Avoid every hazard created by a Gray Quake – If an opponent launches a Gray Quake just slow down, and carefully make your way through the rocks.
  • The Customizer is Always Right (Bronze) – Achieve 1st place in a race with a fully customized vehicle.
  • Shockproof (Bronze) – Avoid the effect of being hit by an Ivory Lightning – There are a few ways of doing this, the first of which is using a Jade Ghost right before the lightning hits, making you immune to damage. You can also use an Invincibility power up, which are rare, or activate a Team Ultimate.
  • But There Is a Me (Bronze) – Come first in an online race.

That does it for how to get all trophies and achievements in Team Sonic Racing. For even more tips, tricks, and guides on Team Sonic racing, make sure to search Twinfinite.

You can also check out our other guides, like how to beat Ring Challenge or how to unlock Final Fortress tracks.

Team Sonic Racing is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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