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Rise of Industry: How to Get Coal

Rise of Industry, How to Get Coal

Rise of Industry: How to Get Coal

How to Get Coal in Rise of Industry

Coal is vital to building up your economic empire in Rise of Industry, and that’s why we’re here to make sure you know how to get coal quickly.

Found spread across the map in the form of scattered deposits, coal can be harvested and used for a variety of endeavors. This includes serving as a key component in the production of glass, cans, barrels and other items.

To harvest it though, you’ll need to go through a few specific steps that may not be entirely clear at first glance. Fortunately, none are too time-intensive and they’re fairly easy to replicate after you figure them out the first time.

How to Find Coal

First and foremost, you’ll need to find coal deposits to harvest from.

This can be done by searching for deposits on your game map. They’ll appear as black clumps of stone jutting out of the ground sporadically and are typically clustered near one another.

Search your game map and try to find the largest grouping of clusters you can. This will ensure you get as many resources as possible out of mining them during the next two phases.

How to Harvest Coal

Once you find a good cluster of deposits, you’ll then need to build a Coal Mine within the vicinity of them. This can be done by selecting the structure for construction from the Gatherers menu.

Once you do, move the perspective structure around until the outline below it turns green. This might take a bit of finagling to make happen, but it should prompt so long as you’re within range of at least a few coal deposits.

When the structure is highlighted green, place it on the map. You’ll then be able to place harvesters on any deposits in the vicinity, which will then give you coal at regular intervals.

That should cover everything you could need to know about how to get coal in Rise of Industry. For more tips, tricks and info on all the latest games, stay tuned to

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