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Rage 2: How to Craft

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Rage 2: How to Craft

You’re going to burn through pretty useful items like Wingsticks and Health Infusions pretty fast, so it’s important to know how to make more on the fly. Here’s how to craft in Rage 2 and what you’ll need to do so.

How to Craft Items in Rage 2

Things You Need

You’ll need two things in order to craft items in Rage 2: schematics and materials. The same goes for upgrading items you already have, too. You’ll need to obtain certain upgrade schematics to unlock new improvements for existing items.

Schematics can be obtained from vendors in towns scattered around the wasteland, or even from traveling traders. It’s common to find schematics for sale in each settlement you’ll encounter in the game.

Once you have the plans, you’ll also need materials to craft with. Things like Explosive, Electrical, or Chemical Components will be up to you to source throughout the world or loot from enemies you take down.

How to Craft

Open the menu, head to the “INVENTORY” tab, and then scroll through the items you can build on the left side of your screen. On the right side of this same screen, you can find information on the resources needed to craft each item, along with the corresponding level that you’ve unlocked for each one.

You can only hold a specified number of each item at a time, so being able to craft when you need to is crucial to survival.

That’s all there is to crafting in Rage 2. If you have any questions, go ahead and ask them in the comments below!

For more fast and easy Rage 2 walkthroughs, head to our guide wiki for the game. If you want to start your journey through the wasteland off right, check out our list of Beginner Tips & Tricks that you need to know.

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