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Rage 2: How to Change Armor

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Rage 2: How to Change Armor

Developed by Avalanche Studios and id Software, Rage 2 is the brand new post-apocalyptic first-person shooter game to be released for PC and consoles this week. Here’s how to change armor in Rage 2.

How to Change Armor in Rage 2

Getting Armor

Before you even think about changing your armor in Rage 2, first you’ll actually need to get a secondary suit of armor. At the time of writing, it doesn’t look like there are any armor sets you can get in the game.

In fact, if you didn’t pre-order Rage 2, chances are pretty high that you’ll be stuck with the default suit for the whole game.

However, if you did pre-order the game, you’ll have access to the Cult of the Death God mission, which opens up to you once you gain access to the open world. All you have to do is complete this mission to obtain Nicholas Raine’s armor from the first game.

Changing Armor

Now that you have Raine’s suit, you can actually change your armor in the game.

To do this, bring up the pause menu by pressing the Options button (or the Menu button if you’re on Xbox One). Choose General Settings, and at the very bottom of the list, you’ll see an option for Player Armor.

Now, all you have to do is use the d-pad to swap between your suit choices, then back out and you’re good.

Even with this option, though, you won’t be able to actually see your full character model after you’ve changed your armor, as the game plays out in the first-person perspective. So even if you don’t have the pre-order DLC, you’re not really missing out on too much.

That’s all you need to know about how to change armor in Rage 2. Be sure to check our Rage 2 guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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