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Rage 2: Best Projects You Should Get First

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Rage 2: Best Projects You Should Get First

As good as the gunplay is in Rage 2, there’s much more to the game than just shooting. In addition to the many explosive weapons and gadgets available in your arsenal, there are also special Nanotrite abilities and the option to upgrade your stats via something called Projects. But in which order should you approach things? Here are the best Projects you should get first in Rage 2.

The Best Projects You Should Get First in Rage 2

How Projects Work & What to do First

As soon as you’re given carte blanche to roam around the wastelands, you should definitely do two things: first, go and open all the Arks in the immediate vicinity so that you have access to Nanotrite abilities like Shatter, Defibrillator, and Slam.

Secondly, you should go and speak with each of the three Projects –Dr. Kvasir, John Marshall, Loosum Hagar– that’ll be assigning you missions and providing you with various upgrades.

By completing at least the initial story missions for each of the three Projects, you’ll unlock each Project tree (in addition to the basic tree) and give yourself the option to build out your character to your preference.

We don’t recommend working your way through each Project story simultaneously because you’ll be denying yourself the opportunity to benefit from Project skill trees available with other Projects.

Each Project is centered around a certain skill arc. Marshall is for combat; Hagar is for engineering; Dr. Kvasir is for Nanotrites. There are four tiers available for each Project, starting fairly basic and getting more powerful as you work your way up.

Best Projects to Get First

Our top picks for what to get first (tier one) include:

  • Vehicles (Basic) – Unlock the Vehicles men and the Phoenix (T1).
  • Unlocked Overdrive Multiplier (Basic) – Increase the cap for the Overdrive Multiplier to 10x to enable more Overdrive and Feltrite Cells to be generated from kills (T2).
  • Surprise Attack (Marshall)– Any attack on an unaware enemy deals 5x damage (T1).
  • Critical Strike (Marshall) – A 15% chance to trigger a heavy impact Melee Strike that inflicts 50% more damage (T2).
  • Infusion Belt (Dr. Kvasir) – Carry up to six Health Infusion, Overdrive Infusion, and Ability Infusion (T1).
  • Vampiric Overdrive (Dr. Kvasir) – Immediately generate a bit of health on Overdrive activation (T2).

All of the above Projects will give you a nice boost during combat, which obviously comprises a huge part of the Rage 2 experience.

The ability to inflict more damage and recover health more quickly is, for us, easily a better initial investment than anything centered around carrying capacity and crafting (Hagar).

In fact, Hagar’s Projects, on the whole, aren’t all that impressive until you start digging into her fourth Tier.

Her upgrades are better served in the mid to late game, and if you do leave them for last you’ll be more easily accumulating project points as you run through side quests as a result of having the above.

Once you’ve acquired our above recommendations, it’s really up to you how you want to build Ranger Walker. For our money, Dr. Kvasir offers the most functional Project upgrades in his fourth tier, so we’d invest the most point in him.

That should give you a good idea of the best Projects you should get first in Rage 2. For more useful tips and guides on the game, be sure to check out our extensive wiki page.

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