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Rage 2: All Weapon Locations

Rage 2, all weapon locations

Rage 2: All Weapon Locations

There are all manner of explosive weapons to wreak havoc across the wastelands of Rage 2, but you’ll have to put in some work if you’re wanting to unlock them all. Indeed, with the exception of the pistol, assault rifle, and shotgun, you’ll need to go and visit Ark pods scattered across the open world to find more powerful guns. Here are all the weapon locations in Rage 2.

All Weapon Locations in Rage 2

Sidewinder Pistol

As you’ve probably guessed, you won’t have to do anything to gain access to the Sidewinder pistol as it’s the starting weapon. As with almost all guns, it has two firing options: burst, and a more powerful single shot when using the sights to aim

Ranger Assault Rifle

Again, the AR is part of the prologue and can’t be missed, so it’s just a case of waiting until you find the fallen Ranger in the first mission to unlock it. The only has one firing mode, but it’s a very handy gun that you’ll probably end up using most often. It can be upgraded for more punch later in the game.

Combat Shotgun

The combat shotgun is found as part of Marshall’s first mission assignment within an Ark pod located in a sewer. The shotgun is great for up close and personal gunfights, but its secondary firing mode turns it into a longer range weapon that can blow enemies backward.

It’s an excellent gun for stripping Immortal Unshrouded of their heavy armor.

SMART Rocket Launcher

The SMART Rocket Launcher is found in the Strongbox Ark which is located in the Torn Plains. For a full breakdown of where that is and how to beat the area, check out our detailed guide.

The SMART rocket launcher is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. It comes with two firing modes: the first is just a standard single shot, while the second fires several mini homing missiles that can target multiple enemies.

Grav-Dart Launcher

The Grav-Dart launcher is found at the Needle Falls Ark in The Wilds, which is just across the border from the Broken Tract region. The area is actually quite difficult to traverse as the Ark itself is perched on a rocky clifftop and the surrounding area is littered awkwardly with abandoned buildings.

The easiest way to get to the Needle Falls Ark is to fly the Icarus due North from Wellsprings, but you’ll need to unlock it from Dr. Kvasir first.

The Grav-Dart launcher is definitely worth the effort though. While it doesn’t pack all that much of a punch, it’s really fun to use, allowing you to toss enemies around like rag dolls.

Firestorm Revolver

The Firestorm Revolver is found in the Dank Catacomb Ark which is located in the northeast Sekreto Wetlands. To get there easily, head northeast of the Mutant Bash TV arena if you’ve discovered it, or northwest of Lagooney. The Ark is surrounded by houses and pretty hard to miss.

The area is protected by Goons called Swamp Hogs, but they’re not too tough to take out.

The Firestorm revolver shoots an incendiary round that you then detonate with the opposite trigger button. It’s quite powerful but not the best when you’re fighting multiple enemies since you have to be quite accurate.


The Hyper-Cannon is one of the harder weapons to unlock in Rage 2. It’s found at the Greenhaven Ark in the Wilds, but we’d recommend taking the time to read our full guide since it’s a tough mission.

The weapon is basically a railgun with two firing modes: powerful, and more powerful. It’s definitely worth the effort of getting.

Charged Pulse Cannon

The Charged Pulse cannon is found at the Shrouded Vault Ark in the Dune Sea, and you’ll have to go through a bit of a process to unlock the Ark that houses it. Check out our full detailed guide for how to get the Charged Pulse cannon. The mission isn’t all that difficult but it does take time.

BFG 9000

The BFG 9000 is only available if you’ve purchased the Deluxe Edition or the Collector’s Edition of Rage 2. If that’s you, head over to our guide on how to get the BFG 9000 for a full walkthrough.

The Settler Pistol

Like the BFG 9000, you’ll only have the option to unlock the Settler pistol if you purchased the Deluxe or Collector’s Editions. To actually get it requires that you complete a specific mission for Marshall.

To do so, first complete the first story mission for Marshall that you’ll receive after travelling to meet with him at Gunbarrel. After you’ve cleared out the sewers you’ll gain access to a bonus mission called Cult of the Death God. This mission is actually a neat little easter egg that you’ll pick up on if you played the first game.

The mission should trigger once you’ve left Gunbarrel and driven away in your car. Marshall will then call and ask you to check in on his old friend Raine. Once you’ve completed this mission you’ll be rewarded with the Settler pistol.

That does it for all weapon locations in Rage 2. For plenty more useful tips and guides on the game, be sure to check out our extensive wiki page.

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