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Publisher Team17 Will Announce Two New Games Next Week

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Publisher Team17 Will Announce Two New Games Next Week

The publisher behind Overcooked (1&2), My Time at Portia, and the upcoming Hell Let Loose will soon have more games to add to its growing catalog. Two new titles and two new trailers to go with them will be revealed “next week” Team17 says.

Supposedly, there are “a couple of cryptic clues” as to what those new games might be hidden in the Team17 logo pictured above. If you can figure it out, let us know in the comments below.

Team17 would also like you to let them know via their Twitter account. Anyone who makes a prediction, follows, and re-tweets will be entered into a prize drawing for whatever those two games end up being.

On June 6 of next week, Team 17 is releasing Hell Let Loose, a “realistic multiplayer first-person shooter for PC set during the Second World War”. This historically accurate team shooter features huge 50v50 matches that demand teamwork and communication to win.

The first theater of war in Hell Let Loose is set during Operation Overlord in a small town in northern France. This Norman village, as with other maps in the game, has been recreated on a 1:1 scale from “archival reference material and satellite photography”.

The “weapons, logistics, armor and tactics” in Hell Let Loose are promised to be just as historically accurate as the locations. You can view the Steam page for the game here.

Below, you can check out the Tweet that accompanies today’s announcement and take another look at the clues hidden in the publisher’s logo:

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