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Planned FIFA 20 Gameplay Changes Detailed

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Planned FIFA 20 Gameplay Changes Detailed

Even with some dramatic changes since launch, FIFA 19’s gameplay has seen a lot of issues. From unstoppable timed finesses from launch to ‘drop back, one depth’ defending being the norm, balance has been an issue.

As we run up to the reveal of FIFA 20 at EA Play, EA Sports has released a new Pitch Notes article that breaks down the gameplay issues that they intend to work on fixing for FIFA 20 and beyond.

First of all, it should be noted that none of the changes are due to come to FIFA 19. They are based on issues present in the current game that EA Sports has received feedback on, but the fixes are planned for FIFA 20.

Here’s a run down of the fixes. For more detail on all of them, check out the Pitch Notes article.

  • AI Defending – The defending system is being “renewed” to make manual defending more rewarding for those that use it. Contain and Second Man Press will be nerfed, with players’ reactions being lowered in those situations.
  • 1v1 & Times Shooting – 1v1 will be improved to make shots in these situations more successful. Outside of the foot shots will “only happen for players with the Outside of the Foot trait.” Players will have more control over the elevation and power of a shot. The Green Timed shot window will be further reduced and its accuracy will be reduced, as will 180 degree shots.
  • Volley Crossing & Shooting – Scoop volleys and El Tornado/Bolasie Flick crosses have been rife in the back half of FIFA 19’s cycle, and the gameplay updates will address the accuracy of volleyed crosses and shots.
  • Chained Skill Moves – To address the over-powered nature of chaining skill moves such as La Croqueta, error will be added when chaining more than two skill moves. Also, more complicated skill-moves will have a lower success rate.
  • Set-Piece Positioning – There will be more intelligence to where players are positioned at set-pieces, to avoid instances where best headers stand outside the box and small players marking tall players.
  • Manual Goalkeeper Movement – The speed is being reduced heavily, on top of the reduction that happened earlier in FIFA 19.
  • Passing – Pass accuracy will make more sense, with difficult passes being weaker or less accurate and easy passes being less error prone. The L1+R1+X driven pass will be removed, to be replaced by a new similar feature. Player controlled ‘dinked’ passes will be added to avoid defenders’ legs.
  • Player Switching – The issue where a player will lock onto a loose ball is being worked on, as is the general accuracy of auto-switching and right stick player switching.

According to EA Sports FIFA’s Global Manager of Community Engagement, Corey Andress, “this isn’t all the news for gameplay this summer,” and more details will come at EA Play from June 8. Hopefully, future questions will be answered there too.

Interesting, the Pitch Notes never uses the name FIFA 20, which has led to some rumors of a Games as a Service type model, but we’ll hear more about the future of the game soon.

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