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Plague Tale Innocence: Is it Coming to Switch? Answered


Plague Tale Innocence: Is it Coming to Switch? Answered

A Plague Tale Innocence will appeal to anyone that enjoys a suspenseful narrative in their video games. This linear story-driven adventure game is packed full of highs and lows that will have you on the edge of your seat. But for those who own Nintendo’s home console, is A Plague Tale Innocence coming to Switch? Here’s your answer.

Is A Plague Tale Innocence Coming to Nintendo Switch? Answered

Unfortunately, the answer is no. While the Switch is proving itself a hugely popular platform, both for players and developers, it seems as though the technical limitations of Nintendo’s hardware were too much this time around.

Beyond just the game’s impressive graphics, it was actually the number of rats on-screen as well as other background processes that apparently would have made development too tricky. Asobo Studio’s Chief Creative Officer David Dedeine explained back in 2017:

“No. I will not lie by just saying…power. It’s really the power of the device. In this case, it was the number of rats we need to display. We already know that there’s too many rats, too many animations, too many AI at the same time.

And if we want to give justice to – it’s like there is a large bridge between [it and ] Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro. And the Switch, it was too hard to make the same game in such a different context.”

Questioned as to whether there was ever a prototype Switch version in development, he continued:

“We’ve done the math, and had all sorts of discussions with Focus Home Interactive (the publisher). So maybe will try, but right now the discussion we’ve had with the publisher was to not make Switch a priority.”

So there you have it; it sounds as though A Plague Tale Innocence is unlikely to ever see a Nintendo Switch release. Of course, this interview was some time ago so perhaps the situation may have changed, and if the game does prove a huge commercial success then that could also prompt a revision of Asobo’s initial thinking, but it does seem like a fairly closed case at this point.

That is, unfortunately, all the information we have about whether A Plague Tale Innocence is coming to Switch. For more guides on the game, be sure to search Twinfinite.

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