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Plague Tale Innocence: How to Craft

How to Craft

Plague Tale Innocence: How to Craft

A Plague Tale Innocence puts you in the shoes of two siblings trying to escape France during the black death epidemic. Luckily, players will be able to craft some useful tools to help them on their journey. Here is how to craft in A Plague Tale Innocence.

How to Craft in A Plague Tale Innocence

To make sure you survive this horrible place, you’ll need to gather as many resources as possible. This will allow you to craft ammo and upgrades for your gear.

Resources are scattered throughout each level and are relatively easy to find. Once you have enough, simply click the R1/RB button and move the right analog stick over to whichever ammo type you would like to craft and hit X/A.

You will be crafting quite a lot of ammo, so it’s essential to know which type of ammo is best suited for the task at hand. After a few hours with the game, crafting becomes second nature as you begin to gravitate towards a specific playstyle.

Crafting Upgrades

You can also craft upgrades for your equipment, but this can not be done on the fly like with ammo. You will need to go to a workbench in order to upgrade.

You will also need a resource called tools, which are explicitly used for upgrades. These are harder to find and are extremely important in progressing.

Eventually, you will be able to upgrade on the fly if you have gotten the Attirail to level two or higher. This will now allow you to upgrade without having to find a workbench.

Well, that’s everything you need to know for how to craft in A Plague Tale Innocence. For more tips, tricks, and guides be sure to check out our A Plague Tale Innocence Wiki, or search for Twinfinite.

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