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Mysterious New Teaser Hints at Major Call of Duty News Dropping Tomorrow


Mysterious New Teaser Hints at Major Call of Duty News Dropping Tomorrow

A very cryptic video was posted on Call of Duty’s official Twitter account. The message doesn’t say much, but it appears to be hinting at something big related to “Call of Duty 2019.”

Fortunately, we don’t have to wait very long to find out. The teaser points out that whatever this is will be announced tomorrow, May 30, at 10:00 A.M. PT.

This is Infinity Ward’s turn in the CoD cycle, and while nothing has officially been confirmed many in the community believe that it will be related to the Modern Warfare sub-series. We know that Activision feels pretty good about it, but that’s all.

In the trailer, we hear someone crawling in some brush at night and a women’s voice saying: “I got a problem, it could be anywhere. What can you brief?” That last part is a little hard to understand. She could also be saying “I’ve to be brief” or something to the effect of either or.

There’s a very outside chance that this could be Blackout related since the Tweet does say “Going Dark.” But the much safer bet would be a reveal of the next game with more information to come sometime during E3, perhaps at one of the press conferences.

Although with Sony of the picture, the beneficiary as of late of any timed exclusive deals, Activision might just use their own social media channels to promote the new game.

In any event, you bookmark the video below, or just check back here, to watch the premiere when it goes live tomorrow at 10PT/1ET.

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