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Mordhau: Is it Coming to PS4? Answered

is mordhau coming to ps4

Mordhau: Is it Coming to PS4? Answered

Mordhau is the latest multiplayer game to take the PC community by storm. This medieval slasher has a variety of modes, with up to 64 players battling it out in popular modes like Frontline and, of course, Battle Royale. There’s even a Horde mode that sees you and friends take on endless waves of AI enemies, too. That’s got some people wondering if Mordhau is coming to PS4.

Is Mordhau Coming to PS4? What You Need to Know

The answer to this question is somewhat ambiguous right now. With Mordhau having only released on PC on April 29, the developer is still trying to figure out just how popular the game is going to be, not to mention focusing on improving the PC version with any stability updates or patches to iron out any bugs that are present.

That being said, developer Triternion seemingly hasn’t ruled out the possibility of Mordhau coming to PS4. Over on a thread on the game’s subreddit from a fan asking about whether the game will get a PS4 release or not, the Community Manager had the following to say on the issue:

“So we have to see how well Mordhau does on PC first; if we have the resources and the demand for console ports post-release, we’ll definitely look into it.”

Ultimately, then, the decision rests fairly heavily on fans. If you want to see Mordhau make its way to the PS4 and/ or Xbox One, you’ll need to be vocal, show your support for the title, and let Triternion know that you’d be willing to support it.

Exactly when we’ll hear about a PS4 version of Mordhau remains to be seen, but as soon as we do hear anything, we’ll be sure to update this post and let you know.

For more tips, tricks, and information on Mordhau, be sure to search for Twinfinite. Alternatively, you can check out some of our most popular guides down below.

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