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MLB The Show 19: How to Add Pitches

how to add pitches, mlb the show 19

MLB The Show 19: How to Add Pitches

MLB The Show 19’s Road to the Show mode is arguably among the most popular, especially with solo-players looking to avoid the grind of Diamond Dynasty. If you’re playing as a pitcher, you’re probably wondering how to add pitches in MLB The Show 19 so you can increase your repertoire of options on the mound. Let’s dig into how you can do that.

Adding Pitches to Your Pitcher in MLB The Show 19’s RTTS

When you start your career, you only have access to three basic pitches but you will eventually get the option to add a fourth and fifth pitch once you get further along in your career, increase your stats, and make friends in your clubhouse.

What’s new to MLB The Show 19 is the ability to build relationships with other players on your team. They are actually a source of adding pitches as you’ll eventually have the option for them to teach you one of their pitches that you don’t already know.

This makes what team you end up sticking with key as the pitchers that are there are going to be the source of your fourth and fifth pitches. If you go to another team you may have the option to learn different ones from the pitchers that are available in that clubhouse.

Checking If You Can Add a Pitch

When you have the option to train, go to the Bullpen section of training. Scroll down past the usual options and see if you’re able to you’ll see option(s) for you to choose from.

If you don’t have the option yet, just try again after playing a few weeks, eventually it should pop up, provided you’re not jumping around on teams or anything like that.

That does it for how to add pitches in MLB The Show 19. For our thoughts on the latest from San Diego Studios be sure to check out our full, scored review.

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