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A Plague Tale Innocence: Where to Find Every Alchemy Cart

A Plague Tale: Innocence, Where to Find Every Alchemy Cart

A Plague Tale Innocence: Where to Find Every Alchemy Cart

Where to Find Every Alchemy Cart in A Plague Tale Innocence

Knowing where to find every Alchemy Cart in A Plague Tale: Innocence can be a huge boon to your success rate, so we’re here to help you along the way.

Scattered throughout levels from chapter 7 on, Alchemy Carts serve as caches of materials both common and rare.

Finding one can allow you to restock your supplies before a challenging puzzle or fight, while also putting you on your way toward getting a more demanding upgrade in the latter stages of the game.

Of course, this is only if you manage to find them, which can be tricky as A Plague Tale: Innocence’s levels only get more winding and complex with time. Fortunately, we’ve tracked down all five and listed the steps you need to take to find them below.

*Warning: Some Spoilers Ahead*

Chapter 7 Alchemy Cart

The first Alchemy cart is a freebie given to you so you know what to look for. Lucas will hand you a Luminosa, which you can use to kill the rats in front of the cart and obtain the resources inside.

Chapter 9 Alchemy Cart

After witnessing the shield guard drowning the infected citizen, kill him and advance forward along the main path. You’ll encounter two more guards, one armored and one unarmored.

Kill them both, then continue on until you come to a bridge. You should see a path to your left just before you reach a lantern. Continue down it, and you’ll find the next Alchemy Cart blocked off by a swarm of rats.

The only way to clear them all away is with a Luminosa, so if you don’t have one, craft one or restart the level and explore to obtain the necessary materials.

Once you have one, use it to clear the rats and claim the materials inside the cart.

Chapter 10 Alchemy Cart

After you receive the Extinguis ammo recipe from Rodric, you’ll be given two opportunities to test it out on guards by extinguishing torches near them.

After killing the second guard in this manner, look to the right side of the courtyard area you’re in. There will be an opening you can go through to reach another Alchemy cart blocked off by a swarm of rats.

Again, you’ll need a Luminosa to kill the rats and get to the materials inside. Craft one, then chuck it into the swarm to kill them and advance.

Chapter 12 Alchemy Cart

The next Alchemy Cart can be tricky to get, but it can be reached without using a Luminosa.

As you come down the hill where Amicia and Lucas comment on the state of the bathhouses and how hard they’ll be to reach, keep your eyes peeled for the fan glow of an unlit lantern.

When you see it, fire off an Igniter round at it to light it. This will create a path that almost connects to a pyre you can light nearby.

First, light the Pyre and then run to it, then sprint through the darkened space in-between it and the lantern’s light. Rats can swarm you in this time, but so long as you and Lucas are close enough together you should be able to make it.

You can then enter the Alchemy cart and obtain the materials inside.

Chapter 16 Alchemy Cart

The final Alchemy Cart can be found early on in the penultimate chapter and is one of the easiest to obtain.

After being separated from Lucas and Melie, have Rodric kill the guard ahead of you from behind. Once he does, continue along the main path until you come to a white X mark on the wall to your right.

There should be a gap in the wall leading to a hidden path, at the end of which is a guard with a lantern guarding the Alchemy Cart.

Send Rodric to take the guard out, then enter the cart to take all of the materials inside.

What You Get for Finding Every Alchemy Cart

That’s every Alchemy Cart in A Plague’s Tale, and you get a few decent rewards for finding them all.

In addition to the aforementioned surpluses of items, you also get the “Resource Sharing” trophy and achievement. Though on the smaller side point and value-wise, it’s still worthwhile for those looking to platinum the game.

That’s everything there is to know about where to find every Alchemy Cart in A Plague Tale Innocence.

For more on the game, check out our A Plague Tale: Innocence guide wiki for plenty more tips, tricks, and secrets, as well as our full review of the title.

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