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World War Z: How to Melee


World War Z: How to Melee

Here’s How to Melee in World War Z

Putting a bullet into hordes of zombies is incredibly satisfying, but it doesn’t come close to the rush you get from taking a zombie down, or fellow human for that matter, with a melee weapon. Here’s how to melee in World War Z.

For a lot of World War Z, you’ll be using bullets to damage enemies. Bullets can get scarce sometimes, though, and it’s in these moments that you’ll need to melee some enemies to death. Before diving into how to do that, let’s talk about the difference between shooting an enemy and beating one down.

Melee vs. Guns

As you’ve likely learned, you can beat an enemy to death or shoot them to death. Both end with a dead zombie (assuming you’ve done your job correctly). There are pros and cons these difference zombie takedowns though.

When using a gun, you run the risk of alerting other zombies in the area. Sure, you took one enemy down but now you’ve got another 20 heading your way after being alerted of your location via gunshots.

You also have to use ammo naturally when shooting and ammo can get quite scarce in some parts of the game.

This is where melee comes into play.

With a good melee takedown, you can eliminate an enemy without alerting others in the area. Unlike guns, there’s also no ammo count attached to your weapon so there’s less to worry about every time you kill a zombie.

Keep in mind, though, that killing an enemy will be significantly faster with a gun.

How to Melee

To melee in World War Z, you must first be within a close enough range to actually hit an enemy. When you’re in range, press R1/RB. Sometimes one hit is all you need and other times, you’ll need to hit the enemy a few more times.

Just keep pressing R1/RB until the enemy goes down.

All Melee Weapons

Currently, there are only two melee weapons in the game, but we hope to see more added in soon (although nothing of that sort has been announced as of yet). Here are those two weapons:

  • Shovel (Lobo Bundle)
  • Machete

That’s it for our guide on how to melee in World War Z including the differences between melee and guns and what all of the melee weapons are.

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