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World War Z: How to Make a Private Lobby

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World War Z: How to Make a Private Lobby

How to Make a Private Lobby in World War Z

World War Z is a gritty co-operative survival game that takes plenty of inspiration from iconic games of the genre such as Left 4 Dead. It’s a game that’s definitely best experienced when played with friends, which is why you’ll probably want to know how to make a private lobby.

Unfortunately, there’s not really a system in place right now to create private lobbies in World War Z.

We say not really because if you’ve got a squad of four teammates all ready to go, you won’t have to worry about randoms entering your game. Simply have a host create a squad by clicking ‘Invite’ from the main menu and then choosing which friends to join. Once you have four players in a server you won’t have any need for a private lobby.

For those that don’t have a complete four-player squad, though, there’s no way to avoid having random players join through matchmaking. There’s no password protection option to prevent that from occurring. If no other players are found, the game will automatically fill the server with bots.

The latter might be preferable given that you can never count on random players to listen to instructions and play the game properly, but in our experience, the bots in World War Z aren’t the brightest either.

It’s a bit of a bummer, honestly. Private lobbies are a pretty standard feature in most multiplayer games these days. We’ve got our fingers crossed that developer Saber Interactive will patch this into the game moving forward. There should definitely be an option to play the game with just two or three players rather than the full squad.

That’s all the information there is to know about how to make a private lobby in World War Z. For more tips and guides on the game, be sure to search Twinfinite.

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