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The Stillness of the Wind: How to Feed Goats

The Stillness of the Wind, How to Feed Goats

The Stillness of the Wind: How to Feed Goats

How to Feed Goats in The Stillness of the Wind

Goats are the lifeblood of your farm in The Stillness of the Wind, so you’ll want to learn how to feed goats sooner rather than later.

Responsible for producing milk and cheese that main character Talma uses for food or trading, goats are essential to seeing your duties on your farm to the end.

Without them, your play through is almost certain to meet an untimely end, and that’s to say nothing of Talma not getting to enjoy her final days of life.

Fortunately, keeping them alive is as simple as feeding them regularly. Better yet, doing so is an automatic process so long as you have a certain material on hand.

What You Need to Feed Goats

To feed your goats, all you need to do is have a stockpile of hay. You’ll know you have some when bales are present in the goat enclosure.

So long as you do, your goats will feed on the hay automatically as soon as they become hungry. This is why in most cases when the “goats are hungry” icon appears at the top of the screen, it will disappear as soon as the goats start to munch on the hay.

With that said though, you’ll also want to know how to stay stocked with hay. Though it takes a few days to deplete even two bales, hay does run out and you’ll need to get more when it does.

This can be done by trading with the traveling merchant that visits your farm from time to time. More info on how you can trade with him for hay can be found in our guide on how to get hay.

That’s all there is to knowing how to feed goats in The Stillness of the Wind. For more on the game, check out our guide on how long it takes to beat and why it was designed this way.

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