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Survivor 38 Episode 7 (Edge of Extinction 2019): Who Got Voted Off Tonight

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Survivor 38 Episode 7 (Edge of Extinction 2019): Who Got Voted Off Tonight

Who Got Voted Off Tonight in Survivor 38: Edge of Extinction (2019) Episode 7

We’re one vote into the merge now, and alliances are starting to be drawn. Here’s who got voted off tonight in episode 7 of Survivor 38: Edge of Extinction (2019).

Spoiler alert: Eric Hafemann was the latest castaway to be voted off in Survivor 38: Edge of Extinction. But let’s get into the details.

Rick and David Break Up

From day one of Survivor 38, Rick and David were established as a very tight pair with plans to make it all the way to the end together. However, since the disaster of the previous vote, Rick had absolutely no trust for his former Lesu alliance.

On the flip side, Wentworth finally approached David with the proposition of banding together and trying to topple the Kama alliance. Wentworth had already recognized that Aurora was at the bottom of the Kama group, and she figured that if the Lesu five partnered with Aurora, they would have a 6v6 alliance match-up with the potential to get a Kama member out.

Wentworth rationalized that the Kama members were still under the impressions that Rick and David were with them, and if they were gunning for her or Lauren next, they would likely split the votes. If they did split the votes, the Lesu five would have the numbers to oust one of the Kama members instead. David agreed with the plan and promised to try to sway Rick.

Unfortunately, Rick would not be swayed by either Wardog or David. Both Rick and David were still holding onto their halves of the hidden immunity idol as well, and were currently at a stalemate as neither of them wanted to give it up to the other.

Aurora Wins Immunity in Survivor 38

During the immunity challenge, it was down to Aurora and Victoria. Aurora tried to negotiate with Victoria to let her win the challenge if she was to trust the Kama group again, especially since no one had told her about voting for Joe the last time. In the end, Victoria couldn’t hold on, and the win went to Aurora.

Before tribal council, Wardog attempted to find cracks within the Kama alliance and ended up approaching Julia and Gavin. He convinced them that Eric and Ron were currently spearheading the Kama alliance, and he also planted the seed of doubt that they were keeping Rick and David around to use them as potential numbers for blindsiding the rest of the Kama members later on down the line.

Wardog’s persuasiveness won them over, and Julia and Gavin started to float the idea of blindsiding either Eric or Ron to Victoria and Aurora.

At tribal council, the Kama alliance was quickly broken apart as Eric, Ron, Rick, and Julie were all caught off-guard by the vote. Apart from these four who split their votes between Wentworth and Lauren, everyone else voted for Eric and sent him to the Edge of Extinction.

And that’s all you need to know about who got voted off tonight in episode 7 of Survivor 38. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more Survivor-related content.

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