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Super Neptunia RPG Announced for PC; PS4 Version Gets New Screenshots

Super Neptunia RPG

Super Neptunia RPG Announced for PC; PS4 Version Gets New Screenshots

Today Idea Factory International announced with a press release that the upcoming Super Neptunia RPG is coming to PC.

The PC release will happen in digital form only via Steam sometime in the summer, it will include subtitles in English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and French.

The game is the first for Compile Heart developed by a western studio. If you’re unfamiliar with it, you can read an official description below.

“Developed by Artisan Studios in Canada, this game brings the characters of the self-referential Neptunia  series to life in a whole new 2D way. Each character was hand-drawn by Tsunako, the artist behind the series, then animated by computer magic to create a world that’s mysteriously gone from three dimensions to two. Explore side-scrolling dungeons and fight in turn-based battles to settle the debate once and for all – which games are better: 2D or 3D!”

On top of the announcement, we also get a batch of new screenshots of Super Neptunia RPG showcasing the PS4 version, which will be released this spring alongside a Nintendo Switch port. At the moment, neither of those have a firm release date.

If you’re interested in the series, Compile Heart just announced a new OVA and a brand new game titled Game e Ninja Neptune, even if we have no real info about that one.

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