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Super Mario Maker 2 Stylus Available With Pre-Orders in Europe and Japan

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Super Mario Maker 2 Stylus Available With Pre-Orders in Europe and Japan

The Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U carried a stylus so that players whose fingers are too big for touchscreen functions can perform certain gameplay tasks with great accuracy. Now, Nintendo thought it fitting to provide a stylus for the Switch — starting with the bundle edition of Super Mario Maker 2.

Super Mario Maker 2 received a release date Wednesday for late June. Nintendo has announced that the themed stylus for the game will be available to anyone who pre-orders the limited edition bundle. But there’s a catch.

Nintendo of Europe announced that the stylus will come with the Super Mario Maker 2 bundle at select retailers within the EU following Japan’s announcement that the country’s players will be receiving one as well.

The stylus may be used for other games that require immaculate precision, but it’ll prove even more useful in Super Mario Maker 2, where you can drag and drop level elements around the touchscreen without a single block falling out of place.

In addition to the stylus, the bundle will come with a 12-month subscription to Nintendo Switch Online. Those who want to download the game digitally will also get those features, though the stylus can be redeemed via a My Nintendo code.

Nintendo of America hasn’t mentioned anything about the bundle nor the stylus. Hopefully, they’ll follow suit and make them available to its North American fans.

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