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4 Sony Exclusives That We Still Barely Know Anything About


4 Sony Exclusives That We Still Barely Know Anything About


wild sony exclusive

Y’all remember WiLD? Announced way back in the Neolithic period AKA Gamescom 2014, this Sony exclusive is a super interesting looking open-world survival game set in the Stone Age.

Featuring some wild (heh) looking supernatural elements involving animism, ancient goods, and gigantic skeleton kings. It’s a cool concept, and its a game I’ve often wondered if I will ever get to play.

Being developed by Michel Ancel (perhaps best known as the creator of the Rayman franchise) and his new team at Wild Sheep Studio, we still don’t know a lot about it.

After the initial trailer, we got another one the following year, at Paris Games Week in 2015. Here we got a taste of the gameplay. which features a procedurally generated open world, and an animal possession mechanic was shown off.

And then, radio silence. Since then, there has been much speculation, but the game is still very much in development. We are long overdue for an update on the project, and fingers crossed we hear an update soon.

The prospect is intriguing, as the pitch for the game is compelling and unique, especially on PlayStation, where the only thing set in a similar period is FarCry Primal. But whereas that was essentially a Stone Age shooter, WiLD appears to be something far more ambitious, and I’d love to check it out.

Or if it’s dead, at least let us know.

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