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Sekiro: How to Beat Shichimen Warrior


Sekiro: How to Beat Shichimen Warrior

How to Beat Shichimen Warrior in Sekiro

Shichimen Warrior is one of the more strange mini-bosses you’ll come across in Feudal Japan. Here’s how to beat Shichimen Warrior in Sekiro.

If you’ve attempted to fight the Shichimen Warrior and failed, it’s likely because you were missing a few key items that turn this fight into a breeze.

What You Need to Beat Shichimen Warrior

Before even attempting to fight this mini-boss, you first need to obtain the Loaded Umbrella Shinobi Prosthetic tool and then upgrade it to the Phoenix’s Lilac. This is the second-to-last upgrade for the tool.

You need this because it allows you to block not only attacks from all directions but attacks from apparition enemies like the Headless and the Shichimen Warrior.

That’s not the only thing you need. You also need to obtain a healthy amount of Divine Confetti and Pacifying Agent.

The Pacifying Agent protects you against the Shichimen Warrior’s Terror attacks. Each time this mini-boss hits you, you’ll gain Terror. Once your Terror meter fills up, you’ll die instantly.

With the Pacifying Agent, the Terror meter builds up much slower and if you use this item, it will eliminate any Terror you’ve built up at that point.

Finally, you need Divine Confetti. This item is an item used on your weapon and is perhaps the most important item. That’s because, in order to actually hit and damage the Shichimen Warrior, you must first use Divine Confetti on your weapon.

With those items in hand, it’s time to take on the Shichimen Warrior, but where are they?

Where to Find Shichimen Warriors

There are actually three of these mini-bosses in the game. One can be found after defeating the second Headless Ape fight (the one where the Headless Ape calls in a friend).

After that, rest at an idol and return back to this area in the Poison Pool area of the Ashina Depths.

When you return to this spot, a Shichimen Warrior will have taken up the area as their own.

The second Shicihmen Warrior can be found in the Abandoned Dungeon. From the Ashina Reservoir entrance to the Abandoned Dungeon, a ways down into the dungeon, you’ll eventually come across this one on a floor below you.

The third and final one is located in the Fountainhead Palace, which can only be accessed if you don’t go for the Shura ending.

Once in the Fountainhead Palace, continue forward until you reach the Feeding Grounds idol. From there, turn around and hop down onto the nearby waterfall path. Right in front of the waterfall is this boss.

How to Defeat This Mini-Boss

When it’s time to fight, immediately equip a Divine Confetti and a Pacifying Agent. Rush the boss and hit them as much as you can (about five to six hits) before he takes two swipes at you. Deflect both of these and attack them again.

Eventually, you’ll notice your hits won’t land. That’s because the boss is teleporting to a different area of the spot you’re in. Turn and around and quickly lock onto them.

Then, use your Phoenix Lilac Umbrella because Shichimen Warrior is about to toss a very high damage beam your way. Simply hide under your umbrella while walking toward them.

At this point, you might need to reuse Divine Confetti and Pacifying Agent.

Attack the mini-boss again after the beam, dodging the incoming blast attacks (if you’re close enough to hit him, the blasts likely won’t even hit you).

Shichimen Warrior doesn’t have anything else up its sleeve so rinse and repeat this method until you’ve defeated them.

Each of these mini-bosses plays out the same so don’t worry about new attacks when you come across another one.

That’s it for our guide on how to beat the Shichimen Warrior in Sekiro.

For more information about Sekiro, be sure to check out our Sekiro Guide Wiki. There, you’ll find tips, tricks, walkthroughs and more to help you become the ultimate Shinobi.

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