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Outward: How to Get Mana


Outward: How to Get Mana

How to Get Mana in Outward

Outward doesn’t make anything easy. This open world RPG might look similar to fantasy gaming experiences like Dragon Age and Skyrim at a glance, but undertaking even basic spellcasting is something you’ll have to put a bit of effort into. Here’s how to get Mana in Outward.

Even if you’re not planning on playing a magic build in the game, unlocking at least some mana is something you should probably consider doing. It’s always nice to have an option beyond melee/ranged combat, and mana is handy for other forms of spellcasting beyond offense, too.

That said, unless you’re going for a full magic build, you won’t want to sacrifice too much of your health/stamina for mana. More on this later.

How to Unlock Mana

To unlock mana in Outward, starting from Cierzo at the beginning of the game, you’ll have to head out into the wilderness and locate the giant Conflux Mountain. It’s the one that oozes a purple lava, located in the Chersonese region. We won’t bother showing you the exact location because it’s somewhat hard to miss.

Inside the mountain is Conflux Chamber, a dungeon in its interior. So rather than attempting to climb the mountain, you’re wanting to actually go inside.

To do so, walk around its perimeter and you’ll find three doors — one for each joinable faction in the game. You can actually enter any of them, regardless of which faction you are or aren’t with.

That said, each door offers a different route through the dungeon, and some are harder than others.

The easiest entrance to reach is the Conflux Path for the Holy Mission of Elatt, located around the southwestern base of the mountain. This doorway is actually the quickest route, as well, but it’s also arguably the hardest.

Regardless of which route you take, don’t enter the mountain unless you’re prepared with plenty of handy items — traps, healing items, and some decent gear. The average enemy level is 10-15, and you’ll sometimes have to face them in groups.

When you reach the end of the dungeon, you will reach the Ley Line. To actually get mana, you’ll need to purchase a mana point. In doing so, you’ll have to sacrifice some of your health and stamina for each point you invest in.

How Much You Should Get

Our advice is to just go for a single mana point. Only those going for a hardcore magic build should consider sacrificing health and stamina, as they’re such important traits.

That should be all the information you need about how to get mana in Outward. For more useful tips and guides on the game, be sure to search Twinfinite.

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