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Nintendo, Please Give Us These 5 Switch Features


Nintendo, Please Give Us These 5 Switch Features

When the Nintendo Switch first released in 2017, it lacked many features that current generation consoles are generally expected to have. Though it makes up for this in some ways with its own unique design and has received updates over the years, the Nintendo Switch still lacks some features that we would all like to see.

Here, we’ve laid out 5 features that we are still holding out hope for on Nintendo Switch.


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The Switch currently only has two available themes: a dark mode and a light mode. Though it’s better than nothing, this doesn’t quite meet the bars set in the home console industry by Sony and Microsoft, and is almost out of character for Nintendo to not have by now.

The 3DS line of products were known for their vast collection of both free and premium themes, creating expectations for Nintendo’s handheld hybrid, and many fans were disappointed to find a “Themes” category in their settings, but with only two options and no way to gain more.

In future updates, an inclusion of premium and free themes would be something we would all love to see.

This post was originally written by David McGovern.

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