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8-bit Shoot ’em Up Neptunia Shooter Announced for Steam Release

Neptunia Shooter

8-bit Shoot ’em Up Neptunia Shooter Announced for Steam Release

If you enjoy the Hyperdimension Neptunia franchise and 8-bit shoot ’em up games, today Idea Factory International announced that Neptunia Shooter is coming to Steam.

The game is exactly what it says on the tin, a shmup featuring Hyperdimension Neptunia characters made with retro-style 8-bit pixel art visuals. It also comes with online leaderboards, if you want to show the world what you’re made of.

The Steam page isn’t yet available, but the publisher promised that it’ll be available at a later time. Here’s an official description shared directly by IFI:

About the Game

Armed to the teeth, players begin as Neptune in an unworldly 8-bit space dimension ravaged by creatures who burst endless waves of bullets. Shoot, dodge, and defeat the boss in six unique bullet-hell worlds. After defeating each boss, they will join your mission, allowing you to switch characters and utilize their unique shooting abilities. Neptune and her friends must traverse through this shmup space dimension and defeat the last boss once and for all!

Key Features

  • Shmup It Up – Progress through six 8-bit inspired shoot ‘em up stages as enemy dogoos spew out an array of bullet-hell attacks in this 8-bit dimension!
  • Who Will Claim Victory? – With Steam online leaderboards, bullet-hell fans everywhere can now stake the claim as the best Neptunia Shooter player in this dimension! Challenge your friends and see who gets the higher score in six different levels!
  • Choose Your Ammunition! – Start your shmup adventure as the self-proclaimed protagonist, Neptune! At the end of each level, you face off a Goddess boss, who joins your party after defeating them. Switch between five possible characters on-the-fly and utilize each of their unique bullet-hell patterns to defeat the evil space dogoos and the final boss!
  • Broadcast Your Skills – With the Steam Broadcasting feature, you can show off your shoot ‘em up and dodging skills to the whole world!

Below you can check out a gallery of screenshots. Neptunia Shooter will release this year exclusively for PC.

Neptunia Shooter isn’t the only game coming to PC, as Idea Factory International also recently announced Super Neptunia RPG. Another game of the franchise is in development in Japan, titled Game e Ninja Neptune.

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