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God of War Director Shows Memories From Development; Explains Why Odin Isn’t in the Game

Good Of War, PS4

God of War Director Shows Memories From Development; Explains Why Odin Isn’t in the Game

Today God of War director Cory Barlog celebrated the first anniversary of the release of the game in a very special way.

Barlog posted a series of tweets with plenty of images showcasing moments from the development and reveals of the super-popular latest adventure of Kratos.

We get to see the early whiteboard notes that started everything, and we heard that development team members took up sword fighting and outdoors survival training to learn valuable info that would be used during development.

Interestingly, Barlog confirms that initially he wanted to include all the realms, but then the team realized that it was unrealistic due to time and budget restraints.

PlayStation Experience was the stage of a close call when a necklace almost spoiled the identity of the Witch of the Wood. Barlog himself definitely spoiled the fact that he was working on a new God of War game when he wasn’t supposed to, and got in trouble for it.

I actually remember that moment very well, with whoever handled the Santa Monica Studio’s official Twitter account confirming the reveal at first and then hurriedly deleting it (but not before I took a screenshot for my article).

Funnily, when Sony published a recording of the panel, they sneakily cut the part in which Barlog made the reveal, but at that point, the cat was out of the bag.

Interestingly, we also hear why Odin doesn’t appear in the game. The team never managed to nail the concept for him, so Barlog decided that he would be a character that you feel, rather than seeing.

Speaking of God of War, you can check out the video message that the development team sent to the fans a week or so ago, and the trailer of a making-of documentary that’s coming soon. It also includes a never-seen-before teaser of the game that almost made into God of War III: Remastered.

If you’re unfamiliar with the game, you can check out our review. God of War is currently available exclusively for PS4.

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