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Days Gone: What to Do With Leon’s Drug Stash (Spoilers)

what to do with leon's stash in days gone

Days Gone: What to Do With Leon’s Drug Stash (Spoilers)

During the early hours of Days Gone, you’ll end up taking down a guy called Leon. After doing some sleuthing, you’ll find out he had a stash that you can go ahead and recover. Problem is, you’ll then likely be wondering what you should actually do with Leon’s drug stash once you’ve got your hands on it. After all, it can’t stay on the back of Deacon’s bike forever, right?

What to Do With Leon’s Drug Stash in Days Gone

First things first, if you’re wondering what we’re even talking about regarding Leon’s stash in Days Gone, don’t worry. This is something you’ll come across naturally as part of the game’s story. The mission ‘Out of Nowhere’ will see you heading to a graveyard to recover the stash, and you’ll need to seek out an angel statue to begin with (which we’ve guided the location to right here).

Upon doing some looting, you’ll finally obtain Leon’s stash. Once you’ve obtained it, you’ll then need to wait a little while until you’ve reached Tucker’s camp in the story. Once you have, you’ll then have the choice to either give Leon’s stash to Tucker or Copeland.

Who Should You Give Leon’s Drug Stash to?

The decision is entirely up to your preferences in terms of what items and upgrades you’d like to upgrade first. Giving it to either camp leader raises your Trust level significantly with that particular camp. This is the only thing that will happen. You won’t alter the story, or piss another camp off.

Who you choose to give Leon’s stash to and raise Trust with is important in terms of the items or upgrades that’ll be available to you as a result. For example, giving the stash to Copeland is beneficial for those who want to upgrade Deacon’s bike as soon as possible.

Alternatively, giving the stash to Tucker’s camp will unlock a number of better weapons that’ll enable you to mow down Freakers more easily.

Ultimately, it comes down to whether you want bike upgrades or better weapons early on in Days Gone. If you want bike upgrades, give Leon’s stash to Copeland. For better firepower, you want to give it to Tucker.

It’s worth noting that you can still raise Trust with whichever camp you don’t give the stash to, so you won’t be locked out of reaping the rewards, it’ll just take that little bit longer.

That’s everything you need to know about what to do with Leon’s stash in Days Gone. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our ever-expanding Days Gone guide wiki.

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