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Days Gone May Be Underwhelming but at Least This Silencer Is Super-Detailed

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Days Gone May Be Underwhelming but at Least This Silencer Is Super-Detailed

The latest PlayStation exclusive, Days Gone, has released today on a PS4 near you, and although folks were excited to jump into this narrative-driven third-person zombie shooter, the game has unfortunately been receiving a lukewarm response from critics.

Our Reviews Editor, Zhiqing, went on to call Days Gone uncompelling, unpolished, and sometimes even a little glitchy. It’s not all bad though; she still enjoyed her time attempting to kill the hundreds of zombies that make up the hordes you face, even though it did take her quite some time.

We’ve also been hearing people knock the main character, Deacon St. John, down a few notches for being a very boring protagonist who, at the end of the day, just doesn’t make sense as a character in a 2019 video game.

Even with all of the negatives that the game has been receiving, one Reddit user currently playing Days Gone, wanted to showcase something positive about the game, something that’s actually quite impressive, on the technical side of things:

(DaysGone)WHAT. I picked a ‘silencer’ up from inside a cars engine, used photo mode to check it out and started the laugh with my gf about how it had no hole in the end of the ‘silencer’ so joked about imagining shooting the first bullet for it to create the hole, we said na that won’t happen.ohshit from r/gaming

You see, in Days Gone you can purchase or find suppressors/silencers for your guns, allowing to stealthily shoot zombies without being heard or seen. By searching the engine of the parked cars that you come across in Days Gone, Deacon can come across pieces of metal that can be used as a type of suppressor.

This Reddit user went into the photo mode of Days Gone and checked if the bullet actually went through the suppressor and it turns out that it actually does! Other shooters probably would not have designed each piece of metal to react this way to the bullet, but you can clearly see the level of detail on the piece of scrap.

Unfortunately, all of the work on the attention and detail in Days Gone didn’t help to make it a must-play PS4 exclusive, but hey, we can still appreciate the good things that the game has to offer, like this visually stunning silencer for example.

Days Gone is now available exclusively for the PlayStation 4. For more on the game, make sure to check out our scored review as well as our expansive wiki guide.

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