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Borderlands 2 Rainbow Rarity Explained: How to Get It, What It Means & More

borderlands 2 rainbow rarity

Borderlands 2 Rainbow Rarity Explained: How to Get It, What It Means & More

Everything You Need to Know About Rainbow Rarity in Borderlands 2

As part of the Borderlands resurgence the last couple of weeks, developer Gearbox released an update for Borderlands 2 just a couple of days ago. Thanks to the modding community, it was uncovered that a new ‘rainbow rarity’ had been added into the game. That’s got plenty of players wondering how you get it, what it means, and just about any other tidbit of information they can get their hands on about it.

What Is This Rainbow Rarity?

Long story short, the Rainbow rarity uncovered over the weekend doesn’t actually add a whole lot into Borderlands 2 from what can be gathered so far. Simply put, this is just a cosmetic change to the weapons that it is assigned to, and it doesn’t grant any additional or bonus effect. Sorry to be the bearers of bad news there.

Thanks to CaptainKoby_, the creator of the Borderlands 2 Reborn mod, we at least know what this looks like in-game. You can check it out in the tweet down below:

Koby is quick to point out in the thread of this tweet that these are modded weapons, but that the rarity itself does nothing to alter or buff the stats. He also gives another look at how rainbow rarity weapons look within your inventory screens and slots, which is always nice.

How to Get Rainbow Rarity Weapons and Gear

Unfortunately, at this moment in time, it does not appear to be possible to just get rainbow rarity loot drops in Borderlands 2 normally. Referring to Koby again, the modder states that “it’s a rather complicated process, requires actual modding (not just Gibbed) and it’s very inconsistent.”

Others believe that this may have just been an accidental glitch that Gearbox didn’t snuff out in time before the update released. Either way, at this moment in time, there doesn’t appear to be a surefire way to get this rarity in-game.

Some players over on Reddit have claimed that previously white weapons randomly received the rainbow rarity, and others wonder if using mods alongside this latest update may be causing game instability.

All we know is it’s all a bit of a mystery right now, and chances are it could even be patched out of the game when Gearbox catches wind and figures the whole thing out.

Is This a Clue For What’s to Come?

Some players believe that Gearbox may have intentionally dropped the rarity into the game to hint at what’s to come in Borderlands 3, while others believe it may have something to do with an upcoming expansion for Borderlands 2, though this seems unlikely with the sequel just five months out.

Some even think that upcoming SHiFT codes for Borderlands 2 may grant rainbow rarity weapons as a means of building hype.

Exactly whether or not the rainbow rarity would come with buffs or abilities in Borderlands 3 remains to be seen, and ultimately, this is just a lot of speculation right now.

As soon as we’ve got a clearer idea on what’s going on with this rainbow rarity in Borderlands 2, we’ll be sure to update this post and let you know. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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